About Us

About us

Black Sheep Farm Background

Approximately 30 years ago, we started selling Essential Oils as an add on to a range of Pottery that we were producing at the time, for the Scent Pots and Oil burners. Quickly the Oils started out-selling the Pottery and so we added to our range, as the demand and awareness for Essential Oils increased.

We were able to source the best quality Essential Oils and most of them are tested at the lab of the Southern Cross University and all of them hold a Certificate of Analysis.

Our colourful and appealing labels are relevant to each individual Oil, and are instantly recognisable.

Many years ago I started making Calendula Cream from the Calendula flowers in our garden, and recently I developed a whole range of other Traditional Creams and especially Hemp Creams. They are a blend of traditional ingredients, like Comfrey, Arnica and Calendula, Essential Oils and infused Hemp Oil.

We have received so much positive feedback, and the creams are now one of our main product lines.

How Black Sheep Farm got it’s name

The first thing visitors notice, is that there are no actual sheep on our property.

How come?  Well, one autumn evening, in the early years of settling here, when there was nothing but grass and weeds; we were gathered around the cooking fire with a few friends and family.  The talk came around to what we should name the place.

After a long discussion with many new age sounding names discarded, because no one would agree to any of them, we came to the conclusion, that the one thing we all had in common, was that all present were the black sheep of the family. So Karl, who was living here at the time, suggested BLACK SHEEP FARM and we all readily agreed to it.

For 35 years we have now been BLACK SHEEP FARM and it is also our registered business name.

Mac McGauley