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About Us

Black Sheep Farm Background

About Us

In 1983 we started our Pottery and made mainly stoneware in a very basic workshop. Over the years the building became more sophisticated and we started developing our now easily recognisable handpainted ware.

Enjoying the work we are doing has always been most important and that reflects very much in the designs developed over the years. Bright and colourful is the motto.

The Pottery items are light and thin and our customers love using them.

We have finished our new Workshop, which hosts seminars, retreats and is used as a learning centre.

Our Guest House will provide excellent accommodation whilst you will have fun making things during the day.

Approx. 25 years ago we started selling Essential Oils complimentary product as we wished to be able to sell ceramic scentpots and oilburners with the Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy is an added interest of ours and soon we were selling many more Oils than Pottery. Quality is of utmost importance to us and we hold a Certificate of Analysis for every Essential Oil we sell.

How Black Sheep Farm got it's name

About Us

The first thing visitors notice, is that there are no actual sheep on our property.

How come? Well, One autumn evening, in the early years of settling here, when there was nothing but grass and weeds; we were gathered around the cooking fire with a few friends and family. The talk came around to what we should name the place.

After a long discussion with many new age sounding names discarded, because no one would agree to any of them, we came to the conclusion that the one things we all had in common was that all present were the black sheep of the family. So Karl, who was living here at the time, suggested BLACK SHEEP FARM and we all readily agreed to it.

For 35 years we have now been BLACK SHEEP FARM and it is also our registered business name.