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Hemp Harvest 2020

Hemp Harvest – May 2020

Last weekend I enjoyed harvesting this years low-THC hemp crop at the farm (Nimbin, Australia) with my growing partner Wadzy.

Grown organically & bio-dynamically, this hemp crop was planted in Oct 2019, some of the plants reached 4.5m high 🙂

The plant strain is called “King Gee’ aka “King George”, famous for very low THC content and high in other useful cannabinoids such as CBD.

The Department of Primary Industry (DPI) tested our crop 3 weeks earlier to ensure it was low-THC, I’m glad to say the reading from Southern Cross University came in at 0.22% THC (a typical ‘drug’ hemp plant may have 10-24%).

On the day of harvest we discovered hundreds of caterpillars, disaster!

Luckily we got to the plants just in time to pick them out while we cleaned & hung the plants to dry. A few days later and the crop may have been ruined.

I heard from several other hemp growers at Nimbin who had lost half their hemp crop to caterpillars, this after the drought in 2019, then bush fires and then torrential rain in Feb, it’s been a very tough year for hemp growing.

The entire workshop area was filled with hemp plants by the end of the day, a wonderful sight to behold!

Looking forward to the fruits of our labour in the coming weeks as the crop dries, is vacuum packed and finally turned into Hemp Oil and Creams!

7 May 2020

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Hemp Oil & Creams

Hemp Oil & Creams

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Hemp & CBD Oils & Creams

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