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Sandalwood Cream

Sandalwood Cream can be effectively used to treat pimples, dark spots, rashes, outbreaks of acne and generally is good for softening the skin.

It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for clear skin, its anti aging properties, soothing after sunburns and inflammation of the skin.

Made from a blend of infused Calendula an Carrot in Almond Oil, with Bees Wax, organic Shea butter and Essential Oil of West Indien Sandalwood.

100% natural product.

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Sandalwood Cream 30 gr

$10.00 inc. gst
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Sandalwood Cream 60 gr

$20.00 inc. gst


Thanks you guys, awesome product! I have literally spent years and thousands at multiple dermatologists
- Scott 8.4.2017
(In regards to treating his acne)