Hemp Oils

Our hemp oils are handmade by Mac & his small team from our Nimbin, Australia grown hemp plants.

We have many thousands of happy customers Australia wide (and some in NZ, USA & the UK):

Organic Hemp Oils

Certified organic & biodynamic hemp range, approximately 40% stronger than the regular range.

Regular Hemp Oils

Normal hemp oil range strength is all the same, two with turmeric added.

Nano Hemp Extract

New in 2022: For those who find our Hemp Oils not strong enough, the new Nano Hemp Extract in Water is manyfold more bioavailable (easily absorbed) & gives a stronger and faster effect.

Hemp Oil Packs

Two of most popular products (Hemp in Almond Oil & Hemp, Comfrey & Arnical Balm) in a tester (small) or starter (large) pack

This combination is most often used for arthritis, bruises & sprains, nerve pain & bone damage.

Customer Reviews

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Hemp Oil Information

Handmade personally by Mac & his small team from our Australian-grown hemp plants:

  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin, NSW
  • Safe for pets

All my hemp oils come in two sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months

The hemp oils can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Hemp Nano Extract should be kept refrigerated.

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