Hemp & Burdock Balm

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Burdock has potent anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial effects. May help with:

  • Acne, eczema & psoriasis skin conditions
  • Gout & arthritic pain
  • Hemp for inflammation, pain, spasms

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Full Description

Mac’s hemp balms are made with beeswax, infused hemp oil & essential oils.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Hand made locally
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin, NSW

Burdock is well known for treatment of skin conditions like acne, eczema & psoriasis, as well as gout [1].

Hemp has historically been used for arthritis, pain relief, muscle spasms, inflammation & helps relax the body.


  • Hemp & Burdock infused almond oil (71%)
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Turmeric, white (zedoaria)
  • Essential Oils of Basil, Coriander, Rosemary, Juniper, Cypress, Wintergreen, Clove

How to use

The balms can be applied as often as you remember to put it on, 3 x a day is good if you want fast results.

Apply liberally and let it soak in.


The hemp oils & balms can be stored at room temperature for a year at least,  out of direct sunlight.

For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping / Postage & Handling

It usually takes 1-3 business days for your item to get delivered if you live in metropolitan areas.
If you are in a regional area it may take 3-5 business days for your order to get delivered.

Orders paid for before 12pm are usually sent the same day via Sendle couriers or Australia Post (depending on your location).

We pack & send orders Monday to Friday, so Mondays are a big day with all weekend orders to be packed & sent Mon morning, some may not go out until Tue.

WA, TAS and NT orders are always sent Express Post, otherwise it takes too long. You may choose Express for other areas if you like, at Checkout.

Bank Deposit orders are sent once the money shows in our account, usually 1-2 business days. Please put your name and order number as the reference.

Which hemp oil should I choose?

The hemp oil strength is the same in all my products, choosing one is a matter of personal preference which carrier oil you prefer:

  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Also, you can choose turmeric or non-turmeric.

All my hemp oils come in two different sizes:

  • 25ml lasts approx. 3 weeks (good as a tester)
  • 100ml lasts approx. 3 months

Why are your hemp products so much cheaper than others?

We believe in making our products as accessible as possible to everyone.

Black Sheep Farm Oils is a small family-run Australian operation, we grow, process & ship the hemp products ourselves so we don’t have expensive import shipping fees, taxes etc

We want to keep the cost of our products down as many of our customers are elderly and on tight budgets.

To be honest, we are not sure why others charge so much, there is no real reason for it. We make a fair profit on our prices, which are often 1/2 or 1/4 the price of others.

Many customers have switched from more expensive hemp products and found ours to be very effective, you can read some of the reviews here.

20 reviews for Hemp & Burdock Balm

  1. Murray Keiller

    Excellent product and amazing scent. The jar was very well packaged and the delivery was very fast. I have psoriasis on the back of a finger and constant application of the balm has resulted in it almost vanishing. The psoriasis that is, not my finger!

  2. Jaz (verified owner)

    I got this to help with my eczema, and it’s really helped with clearing it up, but also help to relieve the itch aswell. I’m really loving it

  3. Mario (verified owner)

    I love this balm! It’s helped with my daughter’s eczema, revitalising dead skin patches and stopping itching.

  4. Selina (verified owner)

    My boy has mild eczema around his back and legs. Put some balm on him before bed last night and its faded/ vanished on some spots, amazing stuff – thank you so much.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)


  5. Finn (verified owner)

    Every year around the winter time I develop a eczema sort of condition on my hands and they get really dry and turn red and I have had this problem for many years I have tried all different creams and moisturisers from over the counter at the pharmacy and nothing has ever really worked even been to the doctor and nothing has helped
    I have been getting hemp oil from black sheep farms for a good while now and when I remembered that they also sell creams I thought I would give it a shot
    I chose this one due to the description saying it may help with my sort of condition
    And all I can say is how unbelievably happy am I am
    With the first use of the cream my condition is already nearly gone my hands are not dry and red and actually look normal and feel great I’m so happy and my condition has always been a insecurity due to how bad my hands looked some times so I can generally say this has changed my overall well-being I would highly recommend to someone suffering with the same sort of condition
    My hands are back to normal and feels great to know I’m putting natural organic ingredients into my skin rather than harsh chemicals from the creams over the counter
    Thank you Mac and the black sheep farm team I appreciate the work you do and the products you deliver

  6. Paul Forsyth (verified owner)

    My 16 year old daughter recently started using your hemp and burdock balm to treat psoriasis with great results so far. Thank you!!

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      I’m happy for your daughter Paul, I hope it continues to help – Mac

  7. Natalie Lalic

    I purchased a jar of this 3wks ago to use topically in my breast. Diagnosed with HER2+ ER+ invasive ductal carcinoma 3yrs ago declining conventional treatment, the sizeable tumour is still in the breast & became extremely inflamed & painful in recent months. Burning & seizure like spasms are random and intermittently debilitating, even RSO & CBDa paste orally doesn’t ease it. Lathering my entire right chest across to the lymphs in armpit & up to neck behind the ear gives me great relief within 5-10min at the most, & it lasts hours! Applying it across my whole neck has also taken away extreme discomfort/pain in the neck where several vertebrae were permanently damaged last year. It is a godsend. I have also applied it with massage on my friend who suffers debilitating osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis & gout…& the results were nothing short of astounding. Daily massage with the balm eased large flare ups, & they only occur when no massage is done for a few days! Posture and ability to walk much more better & visibly evident how much when not used! Highly recommended product without a doubt, as even THC oil doesn’t achieve what this cream does.

  8. T. Hills-Edge

    My 4 year old nephew has such bad eczema his skin has always bled from the constant scratching despite wearing special clothes and gloves to stop him. I bought this to try and see if it would provide some relief. My brother said nothing has ever calmed down his little boys aching skin like this cream does.
    Thank you so much for making this! I also use your oil
    And hemp cream with arnica. All your products are amazing!

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Thank you, your story is one of those which I keep thinking about, and inspires me to keep making these products.

  9. Katherine (verified owner)

    This is a 5 star review – noting that here as it’s hard to tell because this site outlines the stars rather filling them in like you see elsewhere. I love this product. I’ve inflammatory arthritis and found this to be better then anything I could find at the pharmacies – I tried lots of things. It takes some of the heat out of my affected joints and if I remember to use it at night before bed I have less trouble getting comfortable and getting some sleep. A little bit goes a long way so proved better value and more effective then other products I tried.

  10. Roger (verified owner)

    I bought the BurdocK Balm for my wife’s gout. We were trying to find something that allowed her to fall asleep at nights. Over the counter balms were alrifgt for short term basis, and after a while were ineffective. The answer was the Hemp & Burdock. The better the sleep she got, the less the pain during the day. I will be rebuying when we run out of this jar.

  11. Kelly (verified owner)

    I bought this for my partner who has really bad psoriasis. His elbows were cracked and bleeding. Within a few days the dead skin was falling off and now 2 weeks later they are 90% better, no cracks or bleeding. This cream is wonderful. We are now waiting for Australia post to deliver our next order with the hemp oil as he also has psoriatic arthritis his inflammation levels are around 75% so we are looking forward to seeing if it that may help too.

  12. Mary Burns (verified owner)

    Hemp and Burdock cream is a brilliant product purchased by me to eliminate an age spot on my 73 year old forehead. Within the last month it has reduced considerably in size and soon will be gone. Dermatologists are very challenged by ugly age spots and it is quite costly to enlist their aid. For bumps and lumps hemp cream works! Oil would work but cream
    Is lovely to use.

  13. Natasha (verified owner)

    I bought this to use on my face with severe case of acne and rash’s . This product is fantastic to take the redness in my face away. It was at a point it was so embarrassing. The first time I put it on within the hour all redness was gone. Unfortunately in my case it did not help with the acne. It seems to clog my pores which then I break out even more. I will still continue to bu this product though and ise it when I need to for the redness/rash…… and continue to look for something else for my acne. Be awesome if back sheep were able to come up with another potion for acne 😊

  14. Dell (verified owner)

    This cream is nothing short of amazing. I had a horrible cyst down there that even the drs said they couldn’t help with. Everyday I was in so much pain that it would hurt to walk and would always rub on my clothing. I had it for over a year. I felt like I had tried everything and my only option was to spend thousands of dollars to get it privately removed. I was about to give up and try and pop it myself before I stumbled on this website and decided to try this. A few days later it arrived and I put it on the lump. IMMEDIATELY the pain went away. I applied twice daily for a few days and it disappeared. (I’ll cross my fingers when I’m saying this but) it hasn’t come back since! I’m hoping that in time this cream can also help with the scarring. It’s also great for muscle pain. I love putting it on my back and shoulders the night after a hard workout.

  15. lesley mitchelmore (verified owner)

    I suffer from severe inflammatory osteoarthritis – I’ve had both knees replaced and my left hip – only one hip to go LOL! I have tried this cream on my hands which at the moment are the worst and – although it has not removed all the pain I suffer – it has dulled it down nicely! I put the cream on when I can remember which is usually 3 times a day and it has an understated but nice smell which I can live with! Just wished I could buy it in a bigger pot! I would buy this product again.

  16. lgear57 (verified owner)

    i have been suffering arthritis in my hip for several months. the first night i used the burdock cream i got instant relief and i had a good night sleep. my wife has relief with her ailments. i have told several friends and they tell me the same. i was taking 8 to 12 pain killers a day. i havent had one for over 7 weeks. thank you.

  17. Connie Wilson (verified owner)

    Hemp Cream with Burdock is my favourite cream i mix it with my full strength hemp cream its amazing beautiful product. I Can feel it melting away pain in my lower back warm tingly fresh feeling i use it everyday. Love it.

  18. Jan (verified owner)

    Hi I have been using your cream for a week for my knee I need a knee replacement. But today I walk up stair and down with no pain. I have not done that for about two year. Very happy
    Thanks Jan

    • Mac McGauley

      Great to hear Jan 🙂

  19. Sylvie Denouel (verified owner)

    I could say so many things about these creams, but the most important one is they are nothing short of magical. I just wish I had known about them earlier. Two young people who are staying with me are cured of their eczema in just a few days with the Hemp and Burdock cream and I myself am seeing an amazing improvement on a skin condition I have had for over 40 years. Another had a few wounds after a stupid accident, so I gave him the Hemp John Worts and Calendula as well as the Hemp oil with Turmeric for the pain. He says either he is a very quick healer or these products are amazing (which they are). The Hemp, Comfrey and Arnica is truly helping this young fellow who sprained his wrist. He is putting it on morning and evening and it is getting much much better. I use it myself on my hips as I suffer from a degenerative hip disease. It truly helps me and I can do a lot more than I could before.

    I am telling everyone about these miracle creams and already the ones that have ordered are getting true benefits. I am so glad, I will be buying again and again to make sure I always have plenty at home. In these terrible times we are going through, I am going to try the Hemp Chest Cream and make sure I have plenty of Hemp Oil for everyone here.

    Thank you Mac.

  20. Krys

    A little goes a long way with this cream. It is the only thing that has helped clear my psoriasis and got rid of my daughter’s massive blind pimple overnight! I have a jar in my car, in my handbag and in my bathroom and have recommended it to family and friends.

    • Mac McGauley

      I am so glad that it is helping you so well, very grateful for your feedback.

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