Hemp Cream with Comfrey & Arnica

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Our Best Selling Cream – Hemp/Comfrey & Arnica Cream.

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Infused Cannabis Sativa

Comfrey & Arnica in Almond Oil

White Turmeric


Essential Oils of Wintergreen & Cypress

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30g, 60g

8 reviews for Hemp Cream with Comfrey & Arnica

  1. Gaye B

    Thank you so much , your products ara amazing, After having ankle surgery, 13 screws put into my foot this amazing Hemp/Comfey/Arnica has taken all the pain away and saved my life. Thank you so very much, I have puchased another jar and have spread the word.

  2. H.B. Perth

    I have arthritis in my right hand that makes my day-to-day tasks a very painful affair.

    Since using Black Sheep Farm Hemp Cream (Comfrey & Arnica) my life is so much more comfortable. I simply rub a small amount into my nuckles every morning and half an hour later, my hand is brand new again and I can get on with my day pain free.

    I highly recommend this product for anybody who has aches and pains due to arthritis.

  3. Hazel, UK

    I had a spinal fusion after damaging my back 50 years ago. The bone was taken from my tibia and for the past few years I have been getting pain which nothing seems to help including plain hemp cream, but the one with turmeric has been a god-send. It has been difficult to find something to soothe donor bone graft areas so if you want you can add that to the benefits list as I know from experience there is very little information regarding that. It would be helpful to a lot of people.

  4. Anita H

    We bought some of your amazing oil and hemp cream. I have given the tubs to my mum, with terrible arthritis, my nana and a friend who is going through chemotherapy. I wanted to relay to you, how much the cream helps them and relieves the pain. I gave it all away and would LOVE to purchase some more if possible.

  5. John A

    I thought I should write a brief report on physical ad mental improvements during the first month of using the CBD/Comfrey/Arnica Cream and Hemp Oil
    Diagnosed Conditions:
    diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) (18years)
    Osteoarthritis (28years)
    Gout or (Pseudo Gout) (18years)
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) (42 years)
    Anxiety (10 years)
    Insomnia (10 years)

    Definite high % pain relief to areas treated (spine, sacrum & left knee)
    Susbtantial increase in spinal range of motion & ability to exercise more
    No inflammatory gout attacks
    No IBS attacks (spasm, cramps,pain)
    No anxiety (racing thoughts)
    No insomnia

  6. Marg

    Many thanks for the very prompt delivery of your products.
    I have an Autoimmune Arthritis so have found the cream rubbed n massaged into my sore joints has been really helpful. The oil has been terrific for pain relief, works fairly quickly !
    Am wondering if you have an oil that is better at night to help insomnia or just increase the amount ?
    Thanks for some great products.
    Cheers Marg.

  7. Eileen

    Hi. I recently purchased the hemp/comfrey/arnica cream for my arthritis in my fingers. I must say I was a bit sceptical but this product is AMAZING!!!!!

    The pain almost instantly disappears. It comes back but once I put the cream again, it removes the pain. Plus i was so surprised to receive it the next day!!!

    Thank you so much.

  8. Ben Callcott (verified owner)

    This is my second order after first trying your arnica/comfrey cream. I have found it to be wonderful and very effective in relieving pain. I have used on my back and groin for a chronic long term condition and also for sore muscles and neck from exercise or work and I am finding great success with the cream. I am very much looking forward to trying your oil.

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