Hemp Cream with Lemon Myrtle

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Infused Cannabis Sativa


Bees Wax

Essential Oils of Lemon Myrtle

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30g, 60g

3 reviews for Hemp Cream with Lemon Myrtle

  1. Anonymous

    My neighbor received 2 jars of Black Sheep Farm’s Hemp Cream with Turmeric and Lemone Myrtle Oil from her step daughter who lives in Australia for her arthritis.

    She found that it worked so well, that after a couple of weeks she did not need to apply it to her hands every day.

  2. Anonymous

    I am qualified in several complimentary alternative health therapies and as a researcher into these fields I have to say that i am very impressed with the quality of my creams (I also bought the Wintergreen Cream), so much that Black Sheep Farm is now the supplier of my choice and which i recommend to others.

  3. Anon

    Bone was taken from my shin bone to graft into my back following a bad accident 50 years ago. In the past four years the area from where it was harvested has been considerably uncomfortable and somewhat painful. Nothing would ease the pain.

    I tried a plain CBD cannabis balm purchased in the U.K. which had no effect, so I was really pleased to find that Black Sheep’s product worked extremely well.

    As for the wait for delivery I do not mind, because I know I cannot get the same quality (and at the same price) in the UK.

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