Hemp Oil in MCT (Coconut Oil) with Turmeric

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Hemp Oil infused in Coconut MCT Oil with Turmeric, activated with Black Pepper.

Handmade personally by Mac from our own Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin NSW Australia
  • Safe for pets
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Our newest Hemp Oil addition is to infuse cannabis sativa into fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT). MCT bonds well with hemp and is known to be beneficial as a carrier oil.


  • Coconut oil, cold pressed (MCT)
  • Cannabis sativa hemp (locally grown)
  • Turmeric (organic)
  • Black pepper

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your hemp oil contain CBD?

Yes, due to legal requirements in Australia we have to label it Hemp Oil, but it does contain CBD mostly and very low THC (less than 0.3%).

Please read our customer reviews and you will see it compares very well to many ‘CBD products’ sold in Australia, for a fraction of the cost.

LEGAL NOTICE: Hemp oil is not to be taken internally.

What strength is the hemp oil?

The strength is all the same, there are different carrier oils (almond, olive & coconut for taste) and 2 different sizes (25ml & 100ml).

See also the FAQ below ‘Which hemp oils should I choose’.

Is it full spectrum hemp oil (not from a isolate)?

Yes, we grow and process the whole plant (organically & biodynamically) grown right here in Nimbin, Australia.

The hemp oil is made from the flowering tops of the female hemp plant.

I grow the plants & extract the hemp oil myself, you can see some recent harvesting pictures on my Blog here.

What level of THC does the hemp oil have?

Almost zero, it is low-THC hemp, less than 0.3% THC, and does NOT give a ‘high’ effect.

In comparison, a typical ‘marijuana’ recreational hemp plant may have 10-24% THC.

Our hemp is grown under strict DPI conditions and must have less than 0.3% THC, it is considered industrial hemp, not marijuana.

Every hemp harvest is tested at Southern Cross University Laboratory for low THC content. Our May 2020 harvest was tested at 0.22% THC by DPI..

We do not sell or manufacture THC hemp products.

Will it show any THC in drug / roadside testing?

It should not as it is a low-THC hemp, less than 0.3%.

We do know of any case where it has shown positive in a roadside drug test.

Which hemp oil should I choose?

The hemp oil strength is the same in all my products, choosing one is a matter of personal preference which carrier oil you prefer:

  • Almond oil is neutral in taste,
  • Coconut oil tastes more nutty
  • Olive oil is olivey, the same as in your kitchen

Also, you can choose turmeric or non-turmeric.

All my hemp oils come in 2 different sizes

  • 25ml is good as a tester, lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml lasts roughly 3 months

Shipping faster / express?

$15.50 shipping to all Australian & regional areas up to 3kg.

We use both couriers and Australia Post Express for the quickest and most economical shipment.

If you prefer to use Australia Post Express please leave a note in the order comments box (no extra charge).

Now also shipping to USA.

CORONA VIRUS DELAYS: Please add a couple of days extra shipping time due to your orders due to the surge in online parcel deliveries.

5 reviews for Hemp Oil in MCT (Coconut Oil) with Turmeric

  1. Nick (verified owner)

    Complete game changer and best product I’ve had in ten years of buying dozens of mushroom tinctures, super foods and miracle supplements. Spending thousands of dollars in the past on many different ‘cures’, most of which had a very subtle and mostly ‘is it working’ effect, I then had the good fortune of googling this product. Seeing photos of it grown in Australia and actually being able to pick up the phone and speak to the grower was the best feeling ever. Four rings on the first phone call and spoke to Mac himself for ten minutes after I bought my first bottle to tell him how amazed I was at the effects I was feeling.I see a lot of reviews on here about relieving pain, however I put one in for depression and anxiety. Having had a large period of using alcohol to cope with work stress, after quitting I was left with debilitating anxiety and difficulty to focus at work. I even considered pharmaceutical anxiety medication but was haunted by stories of dangerous side effects. Instantly I have the best effect ever and even though it’s a bold claim would say it is one of the best products of a lifetime of trying numerous alternate herbs, pills and supplements. This product is a killer of crippling pain whether it be emotional or physical. Well done Mac this is brilliant, all your hard work and dedication to putting a fairly priced, locally grown and undiluted product is doing Gods work.

  2. joolsr55 (verified owner)

    Hemp Oil infused in Coconut Oil (MCT) & Turmeric for my husband’s arthritis in his lower vertebrae and it was the bomb….worked a treat, thank you and will definitely be buying again. Black Sheep Farm your service is impeccable, keep up the great work.

  3. Carlos S (verified owner)

    I had been reviewing other CBD Oil products online, and found a lot had come from China, so researched more and found this site. I corresponded with you Mac, and you very helpful and suggested a Hemp Oil with Coconut & Turmeric, it has really eased my joint pain to now be able to do more activities. I have now passed on your product to my sister in Melbourne, who is very impressed with the results and no back pain. I have just put my mechanic here in Devonport on to it, as he was buying CBD oil from overseas. Thank you Mac for a great product, and a great chat via emails. I look forward to continuing with your products.


  4. Gay Hardiman (verified owner)

    And finally a product that really works and works well!. Finally my arthritis pain is slowing to the point I can get back out there and do what I want. thanks Mac you have a fantastic product here. the dog is also getting great results too. the oil cant cure him but sure help his pain levels. I highly recommend trying this product. Our old pooches will benefit too. off to the beach to enjoy a walk. thanks Gay

  5. Nicole

    I bought this product for my mother her had a cyst on her eyelid and was to be operated on the 19th Feb, after 10 days of taking 5 drops morning and night plus rubbing a drop on her eyelid the cyst has gone and she no longer needs an operation. Thanks again Black Sheep Farm Oils

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