Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

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Infused hemp in almond + turmeric, handmade personally by Mac from Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin, NSW
  • Safe for pets

Infused hemp oil has been re-discovered to be beneficial for management of pain, arthritis & more, read Customer Reviews to see what people are using it for.

Read full description, Ingredients, FAQs or Reviews below.

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Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

Our first and original hemp oil, and best seller.

Also available in a Tester & Starter Pack with the Hemp, Comfrey Arnica Cream.


  • Almond oil (cold pressed)
  • Hemp (organic, locally grown)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

All my hemp oils come in two different sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months

The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Read customer reviews on this product below, or all products reviews here to see what people are using our products for.

NOTE: Please be aware that turmeric is yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

177 reviews for Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

  1. Jackie

    I can’t believe the relief I have had for my pain and anxiety. Since the week I have taken it, I haven’t once had that “dread” feeling and my pain levels for once in years, I would say is down to a 3. I was skeptical about it, but it is the best I have felt in years. 💜

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      What a surprise for you, glad you tried it on the off chance

  2. SteveGurney (verified owner)

    After helping my Vet pay his kids Uni fees,I tried this stuff on my snow white hairy Wolfhound with a skin condition, and occasionally no hair due to the problem. He also gets the odd, benign growth, which look like jumbo blood blisters, and some times bleed profusely for short periods. Vets remedy= $700.00. Two drops of this in his tucker daily= Hairy Dog. Two drops on the growths daily = no growth in 5-7 days. Wonderful stuff, it certainly works for Us. Seemingly no side effects, Dog happy to play and run as per normal. The Vet costs had me considering putting my Mate down, no need now. Two very happy customers.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      You had me laughing at the vet jokes Steve, and genuinely happy by the end of your story for you and your wolfhound mate.

  3. Nick kustic (verified owner)

    Hi Mac after 3 months using the Hemp in almond oil & tumeric it’s time to review your product. For many years l was using different herbal sleep tablets, you know the ones from Chemist warehouse anyway they all seem to work to a degree however still found my self waking up 3,4,5 times a night just couldn’t switch the brain off … With the Hemp oil l started off using 5 drops at night and 5 drops in the morning and honestly it just didn’t work for me lm talking about the first week, l found myself going to work in the morning feeling tired and in my line of work l need to stay focused and sharp as a tac. Second week l wasn’t ready to give up on a product that everyone is saying (it’s fabulous) by the third week l adjusted the dosage to suit me, l now take l don’t know how many drops but l virtually take Half a dropper maybe that’s 20 drops at night and nothing in the morning “Bingo” it works my brains able to switch off at night now, l now wake up twice a night but fall back to sleep quicker than you can blink an eye and feel refreshed in the morning and stay focused all day also l have my 15 year old Staffy on it and it’s help her immensely now she demands 3 drops in the morning and at night … So yes l highly recommend your hemp oil. My only advice to all (Don’t skimp) on how many drops you think you may need, really 5 drops is really peanuts so don’t be afraid your not going to overdose on hemp oil and for the money it’s still going to last for ages, it’s truly a wonderful product, love it and so does my Bonnie!!!

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Great to hear how you found what works for you Nick (and Bonnie), and really appreciate you spending the time to write this up for us and everyone on our website.

  4. Aden

    My doctor suggested I try this specific brand of hemp oil and it did help with my fibromyalgia and anxiety. I will be purchasing again.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      That’s wonderful Aden

  5. Paul OBRIEN (verified owner)

    Great stuff, great service, thanks Mac, does help the joint pain you used to have on waking, I buy it regularly. Stay safe healthy and happy.

  6. Trevor Rayson (verified owner)

    I had 4 Fractures in my lower back with great pain & i used your Hemp Oil infused in Almond oil with Turmeric Plus Hemp , Comfrey & Arnica Cream on my back , now i have hardly any pain left . I have had great results from your Products
    Cheers Trevor Rayson

  7. Robyn Gray (verified owner)

    I purchased the oil infused in almond oil with tumeric, with great hopes. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me – it was mainly for anxiety and sleeplessness and some neck pain. I tried taking more and then less but to no avail. I am very glad that so many people have great results.

  8. James (verified owner)

    Purchased Hemp Oil infused in Almond Oil with Turmeric and received excellent service, information and postage time.
    My first experience with this product was a significant affect in the freeing of arthritic limbs, better mobility and less discomfort. I believe there’s a definite improvement in anxiety levels and overall improved feeling of well-bring.
    I will definitely continue using the product and would not hesitate recommending others consider it for their individual needs.
    As with all forms of treatments, our own individual biology will give different results. I hope that more people can benefit from this important treatment option.

  9. Marco (verified owner)

    Hi, got the hemp infused with almond oil and turmeric, had very prompt delivery and definitely got better sleep and seem to help the jumpy legs when trying to sleep. Will definitely buy again

  10. Paul

    Great product and great price. Always shipped quickly and safely wrapped. I can’t be 100% sure the oil fixes everything as I’m on meds too but it is a massive help with Anxiety and a mood enhancer for me. The Balms or creams definitely help too, i use them on muscle soreness from running.

  11. Janine Botfield

    My first time on CBD oil and WOW! Amazing results for anxiety and stress related neck & shoulder pain. Reliable, prompt service by Mac and the gang. Highly recommend!!

  12. Ms (verified owner)

    Was hopeful after reading so many good reviews. But it didn’t work at all. Waste of money for me.

  13. Jude (verified owner)

    I purchased the Hemp Oil infused with Almond oil with Turmeric after extensive research. I’ve now been using the product for a few weeks. The product arrived promptly and I’ve enjoyed many positive benefits. The effects most important to me are vastly improved sleep quality, decreased anxiety and an overall sense of calm and wellbeing following an intense period of mental and emotional burnout at work and the inability to quieten my mind. I will absolutely be a return customer.

  14. Daniel (verified owner)

    Purchased the tester from Mac and had great success with it for my anxiety and ocd thoughts. It gives me a very peaceful feeling inside and makes my mind alot quieter. After the tester I purchased a big bottle. It took about two weeks for me to properly notice the effects, this product has changed my overall general well-being in such a positive way. Thanks Mac appreciate what you and your team are doing, Cheers Daniel

  15. Eliza Britter

    Excellent product and it has definitely assisted in managing my pain. I’ve managed to avoid using stronger pain medication when experiencing flare ups associated with my condition. I can confirm the turmeric (as warned!) does stain clothing so don’t take just as you are about to walk out the door wearing white! Delivery was very fast and well packaged.

  16. Jim

    Fantastic product and service! Great prices for such quality product. This oil works exactly as a full spectrum CBD oil to help put the brain into a more relaxed state of sleepiness. I have no trouble falling asleep but thend to wake in the middle of the night and have difficulty returning to sleep, so I take it then. 20 mins later I’m usually asleep. Note -I use the I bought this turmeric infused oil so it has other great health benefits, do note, however, that the orange colour can stain things more easily so if you are prone to missing your mouth or the bottle with the dropper (as I am at 3am) it might not be the best choice if you wish to avoid cleaning!

  17. Samantha Rodgers

    This is a fantastic product! My order was delivered 3 days after ordering too which was great, a massive bonus of sourcing this oil from within Australia! It also tastes a lot better than other oils I have tried!
    I have always had trouble with anxiety and sleeping and this product has allowed to have a peaceful, deep nights sleep and I wake up without that awful racing thoughts anxiety brain. It’s subtle but makes a big difference for me. Have recommended to family members.

  18. Geoff Pickup (verified owner)

    Hi Mac thanks for such a great product. I got the 100ml bottle wit almond and tumeric, it works well for the arthritis in my hip,knee and ankle, also the quality of sleep that I get now is amazing thanks so much

  19. Marcelo Moreno (verified owner)

    I would to thank Mac for the great product and customer service. I bought the hemp oil Almond & Turmeric for my wife because she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, we were hopeless with any treatment we could try. The product was delivered very fast, it took only 2 days to be at my place. The outcomes after taking the drops of the oils were fantastic. The severe pain has completely disappeared and her anxiety crises is gone.

    Thank you very much for everything and I hope this testimonial can help someone else.

  20. Ray Graham (verified owner)

    Thanks Mac I wanted to trial the Hemp Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil & Turmeric for one month before writing a review, I have found the product excellent towards helping me get off to sleep, NO MORE chemicals to assist in sleeping. Great product.
    I also used the Hemp, St Johns Wort & Calendula Cream on a skin abrasion that I have had for 15 months with no help from medical advise, the cream is slowly healing the sore. Thanks again Mac.

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