Lane’s Leather Balm

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Natural leather protection for shoes, leather & furniture:

  • Protects against water, mould & keeps leather soft & supple
  • All natural inc. local beeswax, clove & lemon oil
  • Handmade in 100ml tins by Lane in our Tweed Heads factory

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Lane’s Leather Balm

Keeps leather soft, prevents cracking & protects against water & mould on leather & wood.

An all-natural balm for protecting your loved leather goods such as:

  • shoes, boots, bags, belts
  • saddles, reins, leather bags
  • dog collars, leashes & more

Can also be used on furniture & is non-toxic to pets.

More details:

  • Safe for use around animals
  • Comes in 100ml sized tins
  • Handmade in our Tweed Heads factory

Made by Lane

Lane making balms
Lane is our Production Manager & master maker of balms, creams & oils.

He has a deep interest & knowledge of herbs, essential oils (yes he knows all the botanical names!) & makes his own body balms and incense from scratch.

Often concocting new recipes at home & work, in fact as I write this Lane is making a Beeswax & Raw Linseed wood finish in the double boiler at home 🙂



  • Beeswax (locally from Grafton NSW)
  • Shea butter
  • Almond oil (cold pressed)
  • Castor oil
  • Essential oils of Clove & Lemon


Store in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

How To Use Leather Balm

  1. Be sure your leather is clean and free of dust and dirt before you begin.
  2. Place the leather balm on a clean, lint-free cloth (not directly onto the leather).
  3. Spot test the balm in an inconspicuous place on your leather and allow it to sit for an hour to be sure you’re happy with the effect it produces.
  4. Using a circular motion, rub the balm over entire panels or sections of the leather at a time.
  5. After applying the balm, gently buff the leather surface with a soft, dry cloth.
  6. Allow the leather to air dry before use.
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