Old Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

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For the older dog, or dogs in pain, add some pep back into their step!

  • 2 x strength unheated hemp + stronger terpenes
  • hemp seed oil from Tassie for omegas 3 & 6
  • turmeric for pain & arthritis

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Old Dog – Hemp Oil

Made specifically for dogs with pain, especially older arthritic dogs.

Old Dog is double strength unheated hemp + respective terpenes, when compared to our regular hemp oil range.

Made with Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil & organic Nimbin Hemp + Turmeric, specifically formulated for dogs, our PET RANGE has omega-3 and omega-6 + strong terpenes to assist with pain relief, stress & anxiety in dogs.


  • Hemp Seed Oil (Tasmanian, cold pressed)
  • Hemp, unheated / raw (certified organic, locally grown in Nimbin)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Dosage / How to Use

May be used for dogs, cats & humans too.

Dog Dosage
Start with 3-4 drops with food and then increase from there if not seeing much affect after a few days.
For a larger dog such as 40kg you could start with 5-6 drops.

Cat Dosage
For cats 1-5kg start with 1-2 drops with food.
For larger cats 5kg plus, start on 3 drops with food and adjust from there after 3-5 days.

Can Humans use it too?
Yes definitely, our pet range targets more specific areas which some people prefer, start on 5 drops as per our regular hemp oils.

Finding The Right Dosage
All people / animals react differently to dosing, there is no one size fits all, so it can take time to find the right amount.

Too much can also be counterproductive, so increasing a bit at a time (up-titrating) to see the effect, then adjust again to find the optimum dose.

Size Options

All our hemp oils come in two sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-4 months


The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.

For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

6 Months of Doggy Trials

We’ve been testing our Pet Range for 6 months in a blind trial with 30 dogs, each was given Sample A, B and C and asked to fill out a feedback form for a min 7 days on each oil.

As dogs don’t have the placebo effect, and their owners did not know what was in each oil, the results have been enlightening… read the Testimonials below.

We will be posting more details on the trials & feedback in the coming weeks here, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Testimonials for ‘Old Dog’

“My black kelpie Keto who is my baby would like to be a part of your survey. She is 8 years old with anxiety to storms and loud bangs. She had a torn ligament in her hind leg which left her with arthritis.

Week 2 I used sample A (Old Dog) and i was able to stop her arnica supplements and she seemed more relaxed. I kept her on it for extra week.

All in all though in saying that she did seem less anxious on the A. Hope this helps as i do believe in natural products for all.”
– Keto, Kelpie

“Gave them Old Dog last night, and they were very good. Narla just relaxes…

Missy was really good this morning, walking outside much better.”
– Narla / Missy

🐕‍🦺  The Dog / Pet Hemp Range 🐕

We make three pet hemp oils to choose from:

🐾 OLD DOG – for dogs with pain, especially older, arthritic dogs (unheated hemp + turmeric)
🐾 CALM DOG – for anxious, fearful or OCD dogs (heated hemp)
🐾 BALANCED DOG – a mixed blend of the two above (50% / 50% + turmeric)


Further Details

Organic Hemp

Specially formulated unheated hemp keeps heat-sensitive terpenes alive (the hemp is not heated / decarboxylated).

All our hemp is grown organically around Nimbin, Australia, though it is not certified organic (see also our Certified Organic Hemp Oil range).

Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil

100% unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil from Tasmania.

Wonderful for doggy hair which comes up shiny with this supplement.
Also has been reported to reduce malting by 70% in some breeds (Jack Russell and Foxy).

Hemp seed oil is extracted by cold pressing hemp seed and contains the Omega 6:3 ratio of fish oil and is the perfect plant-based alternative for people wanting a more sustainable oil as it doesn’t come with the heavy metals or ecological impact of fish oil.


Turmeric is a strong natural anti-inflammatory often used to relieve pain caused by inflammation, many people take it in tablet or powder form daily as a health supplement.

We use a certified organic, double curcumin strength turmeric from India.

NOTE: turmeric is very yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

Social Reviews

3 reviews for Old Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

  1. Janet (verified owner)

    Well this stuff works. Have to admit I was somewhat sceptical but I’m happy to say that my two 12 yr old dogs have been on this for a couple of weeks and the difference is amazing. I will be continuing

  2. Talia B

    Badger was a part of the study. We had great success with the Sample A (old dog). We were using it to treat OCD (chasing lights and shadows) and overstimulation. This really helped to calm him down a bit. He was able to sleep more , was less interested in the lights/shadows and was less overwhelmed by novelty in life. So happy to have found something that helps him without having to use prescription medication that has side affects.

  3. Sam

    We can not thank you enough. Narla and Missy say hello. They love it. And can’t wait to take their dose 3 drops each per day at 6pm in a bowl with their favourite milk. Missy runs like the wind. 12 yr old Foxy who tore her crucial ligaments in her back knee. You wouldn’t know she’s ever had a problem runs like a pocket Rocket with a little heart problem. Narla who is 2 and afraid of Storms and loud noise. Just chills out. Yes a Jack Russell all relaxed. Who ever could say that as a Jack Russell owner.
    Thank you so much XOXO

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