Hemp & Nettle Balm

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Fast acting balm and herbal medicine staple for centuries. May help with:

  • Arthritis, muscle pains, anti-inflammatory
  • Wound & burn healing
  • Hemp may help with arthritis, pain, spasms & inflammation

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Full description

Mac’s hemp balms are hand-made with beeswax, infused hemp oil & essential oils.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Hand-made hemp oil
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin NSW Australia

Nettle we use both leaf & root (very hard to get) which are high in antioxidants & nutrients it can be used for arthritis & back pain, an anti-inflammatory, wound & burn healer & reduce bleeding [1][2][3].

Hemp has historically been used for arthritis, pain relief, muscle spasms, inflammation & helps relax the body.

Added are the essential oils high in terpenes, as Rosemary, Lavender, Lemongrass & Pine.


  • Hemp & Nettle infused almond oil (71%)
  • Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Turmeric, white (zedoaria)
  • Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Lavender, Pine, Clove

8 reviews for Hemp & Nettle Balm

  1. Ralph S (verified owner)

    Bought these products for for my mother who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, she has found them very good, working well thanks, delivery was swift too thanks again.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Very glad to hear it Ralph 🙂

  2. Anna Heyes

    very effective on pain, my daughter has used it for chronic shoulder pain and was very happy with results, service is excellent, delivery prompt, product of high standard and very well priced.

  3. Maria Paterson (verified owner)

    I have had inflamation in my knee from a trauma injury for months, and found the nettle and hemp applied to the knee along with taking the hemp oil has settled the ongoing reaction down so i can now begin rehab. Really helpful products to use instead of heavy meds.

  4. Raffaella (verified owner)

    Helps with pain from arthritis in my knees, also used on skin rash and alleviated the itch. An overall good product, recommended

  5. Jordan (verified owner)

    I got the nettle cream in addition to the arnica and comfrey and I love them both so much. I have bad knees and a bung ankle from old injuries so I use the comfrey cream in winter in the mornings to ease me for the day and I keep the nettle cream in my bag for any old random pain that might pop up. This cream is honestly a godsend. Thank you!!

    • Mac McGauley

      The nettle seems to work really fast, like a mini-first aid kit keeping it with you always 🙂

  6. Annie (verified owner)

    Maybe I misread the description for hemp with nettle cream. I have been using it to relieve itch in areas I have previously had shingles. In almost 2 weeks I have gone from applying twice a day to once, or less a day. It works. I no longer have the almost constant itch across my back. I now am wondering if I should try the lemon myrtle regather than the nettle. And delivery was very prompt – even in these restricted times. Thank you Mac & Black Sheep Farms.

  7. Alison Rose (verified owner)

    Norman is using the hemp cream for diabetic osteopathic pain in his feet and this greatly helps alleviate the pain. He is using it in conjunction with prescription medicine and the combination works well.

  8. David Hetzel

    I am most impressed with the Hemp Cream with Nettle. I have been using Black sheep farm Hemp and Burdock Cream in conjunction with the Hemp oil, and this combination has been very good at relieving pain from lower back collapsed disc and shoulder pain from bursitis. However I have recently had a severe flare up of the shoulder problem, so I tried the hemp oil and hemp cream with nettle for the shoulder and lower back. The results have been quite dramatic. The hemp cream with nettle has given almost instantaneous pain relief, but it is not as sustained as the Hemp and Burdock cream. The other quality of the Hemp and Burdock cream is that it is very good at controlling psoriasis. Consequently I am now judiciously using the hemp oil and hemp and burdock cream as well as the hemp and nettle cream. Now I no longer need to take pain killers or anti- inflammatory drugs. What a relief. Thank you Mack and Black sheep farm oils.

    • Mac McGauley

      Such fast relief! Nettle really is a ancient healing plant, combined with the hemp its a real winner

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