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Nimbin Essential Oils & Hemp Creams

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We offer a ranges of quality essential oils, natural creams and hemp products. The ingredients for our hemp oils and creams are organically grown right here in Nimbin, and are made locally so we can guaranty the quality of our goods (unlike many overseas imports).

Hemp Oil & Creams

Hemp cream has been used for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation of joints and many more ailments. Also infused hemp oil can be very beneficial for the same conditions.

The history of its benefits goes back thousands of years, and was used by most cultures.

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Essential Oils

Our essential oils are aromatherapy grade, and all carry a Certificate of Analysis.

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Natural Creams

We produce a wide range of traditional, natural creams, with no additives, artificial colours or flavours.

Wherever possible organic ingredients are used, beeswax comes from our local beekeeper and the calendula flowers and comfrey are grown in our own garden.

We also make a vegan variety with Candelilla Plant Wax, instead of beeswax.

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