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  • From Nicole Corbett on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    This oil is gold! I broke my ankle and on the way to the hospital all I took was this oil for the pain. In hospital they offered me endone and codeine which I refused as the oil and an icepack was all I needed. My husband couldn’t believe that this oil would relieve the pain. I have recommended this product to so many people. Thanks again Black Sheep Farm Oils

    2020/02/15 at 12:23 pm
  • From Nicole on Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) & Turmeric

    I bought this product for my mother her had a cyst on her eyelid and was to be operated on the 19th Feb, after 10 days of taking 5 drops morning and night plus rubbing a drop on her eyelid the cyst has gone and she no longer needs an operation. Thanks again Black Sheep Farm Oils

    2020/02/15 at 12:10 pm
  • From Nicole Corbett on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    I would like to say that the hemp/comfrey/arnica ointment helped my broken ankle as I have no bruising as I use it straight away between icing my ankle, I also took the hemp with turmeric and Almond oil to help with the pain, I also broke three fingers and I have to say that I didn’t use any painkillers it’s been a week now and I have very little bruising on my fingers and ankle and I would highly recommend that people buy this product to have it in their first aid kit thank you so much Black Sheep Farm Oils.

    2020/02/15 at 12:07 pm
  • From Deirdre Roberts-Keogh on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    I have severe Arthritis also a bone injury following accident. I cannot speak highly enough of Hemp Cream with
    comfrey & Arnica, I have also found it to be very beneficial as I do suffer from Psoriasis I certainly will be back for more
    of your products. Many thanks.

    2020/01/20 at 11:38 am
  • From Boho Lyndal on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    I have Coccyxdinia (painful coccyx) and three other lower back problems, torn Medial Meniscus Ligament. I am 50 and was soooo sad due to daily pain and limitations. Since using this cream on my back I have had huge relief, much less pain and have started to use on my knee with a great result. I can lay on my back for around 10 minutes at a time (have not been able do this for years) and I was able to walk on my knee this morning, no stiffness or pain. Life is looking so much brighter. I have made several referrals already. I am going to get the oil and the bigger jars of the creams. So worth it. Thank you.
    Your prompt service is gold standard. I ordered Monday night before Xmas and received it that Friday. I now want to visit and stay at your place. Thanks Mac

    2020/01/18 at 1:58 am
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

      So glad for the improvement, makes it so worth it for me knowing that it helps so much.

      2020/01/20 at 11:53 am
  • From Tamara Rangi on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    I started using the Hemp Oil and Hemp/Comfrey creme in December to help with my arthritis pain (Knees, hips, lower spine, shoulder and feet) and gout. I had very limited movement and the only way I could function was with anti inflammatory medication and codeine. I was sick of the damage those drugs were doing to my body and soul. After the 3rd week of using the Hemp Oil & Hemp/Comfrey creme I have a new lease on life. I am not only able to move about without the prescribed medications, but I have been able to lose some weight as well which has helped my situation with pain immensely! My dog, who also has arthritis in his hips, has been having 4 drops on his little wheat treats every morning and has started to exhibit much more movement and can jump up onto the sofa and bed again. Your products are a blessing and I cannot rave about you enough!
    That coupled with the fabulous customer service AND support, super fast delivery and ease of ordering I will always be a happy customer of Black Sheep Farms.
    Thank you for making such a fabulous product and enabling people like me to access it easily.
    Bless you x

    2020/01/15 at 1:06 am
  • From Kaye on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    Thank you very much for the fast delivery…….. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 advanced breast cancer & it is in the bones this time. The pain can be intolerable some days & “medical” pain relief just zonks me out . I have only tried the hemp oil for a few days now & already I can feel a huge difference in pain levels….they have genuinely gone from an 8 down to a 1……& I am now not zonked out like a zombie . I am using the oil in conjunction with the hemp/comfray/arnica cream & with such amazing results I have no intention of stopping. Thank you thank you thank you ……

    2020/01/07 at 10:55 pm
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

      Very happy, you are getting relief with the hemp products, all the best ongoing, Mac

      2020/01/08 at 3:35 am
  • From K on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    I had a terrible case of shingles 6 months ago. Nothing the doctors or chemist helped with the after effects of the nerve pain and itching. I was at wits end….
    Then I discovered this cream. As soon as I applied it for the first time it was instant relief. I could have cried. Two weeks later I’m sleeping better, the pain has just about gone and I’m no longer feeling itchy all the time. I am very thankful.

    2019/10/27 at 4:24 am
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

      This makes me really happy, as much as it is beneficial for you , it is very rewarding for me to be able to help.
      All the best Mac

      2019/10/27 at 4:41 am
  • From Karen Roberts on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    This is beautiful product in every way. Wonderful value as well. Thank you. Coming back for more.

    2019/10/25 at 10:31 pm
  • From J. on Hemp, Comfrey & Arnica Balm

    I was asked to use this comment for the cream, so here it is.(Mac)

    Just thought I’d let you know about your cream.
    My mother had a torn muscle/hematoma in her upper thigh and groin and needed morphine to clear the pain, after a few days I didnt like what it was doing to mum so snuck some of your cream on the thigh and around the botox area every day, after 2 days she didnt need morphine and is in much less pain every day with only 1 codine 30mg tablet to add for pain relief.
    They said it will take 8 weeks to heal and need soooo much pain medication (endone, Targin and a very powerful injection for the bad times) as it’s very painful.

    2019/10/13 at 7:14 am
  • From Helen on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    I Purchased the Hemp oil in Late July, l was taking Lyrica 300 mgs, 200 mgs of Cellebrex and an antidepresant , lm off all of these, l have fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, wow l can’t believe how well it works, l also use the Hemp Comfrey & Arnica cream
    Thank you Mac for spending the time with us in mid September, i couldn’t be happier

    2019/10/12 at 3:28 am
  • From Krys on Hemp & Burdock Balm

    A little goes a long way with this cream. It is the only thing that has helped clear my psoriasis and got rid of my daughter’s massive blind pimple overnight! I have a jar in my car, in my handbag and in my bathroom and have recommended it to family and friends.

    2019/10/08 at 1:31 am
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp & Burdock Balm

      I am so glad that it is helping you so well, very grateful for your feedback.

      2019/10/12 at 11:51 pm
  • From Michael Benfari on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    I have tried several oils and the tumeric and hemp combination is absolutely awesome, tastes well and works well to reduce my chronic pain. I am glad I have stumbled upon your products and will be using it forever.

    2019/09/24 at 3:34 am
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

      I agree, have found the combination of hemp and turmeric to be magic, both anti inflammatory, and have helped many people.

      2019/09/24 at 8:05 am
  • From Jason on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

    Hi Mac,

    I have a crushed disc in my lower back which has been giving me grief for years plus both knees are shot from years in the Army. A friend sent me a bottle of your oil infused with Tumeric. After a week of only having 3 drops morning and afternoon my back and knees are feeling Great..!!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful product..!! I’ve just purchased 5 bottles :))))

    2019/09/24 at 3:15 am
    • From Mac McGauley on Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

      Thanks for the feedback, hope you will continue to improve. Glad to be able to help

      2019/09/24 at 8:04 am
  • From Mars on Hemp, St Johns Wort & Calendula Balm

    Got this on a recent trip. Have had some rheumatoid arthritic pains, as well as psoirisis on my feet. Since using this no more feet swelling and itching until my feet are swollen. Had an aching bs k this week, just rubbed into back and ache disappears. Used on a friend with a broken elbow which was causing pain. Post application nil pain, a few Days with no ointment and her pain returned. Love this

    2019/09/20 at 1:39 pm


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