Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

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Handmade by Mac & Co from Nimbin, Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • The first & original Hemp Oil!
  • Infused hemp in Almond Oil + Turmeric
  • Full spectrum hemp oil


Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

Our first and original hemp oil, and best seller.

Infused hemp oil has been re-discovered to be beneficial for management of pain, arthritis & more, read Customer Reviews to see what people are using it for.

Also available in a Tester & Starter Pack with the Hemp, Comfrey Arnica Cream.


  • Almond oil (cold pressed)
  • Hemp (organic, locally grown)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

Hemp oils come in various sized bottles:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months
  • 1Litre for those wishing to buy in bulk
  • 5Litre (wholesale only)

The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Read customer reviews on this product below, or all products reviews here to see what people are using our products for.

NOTE: Please be aware that turmeric is yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

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25ml, 100ml, 1Litre, 5Litre

211 reviews for Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

  1. Sandy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Hemp & Turmeric oil blend for about a year now for sleep only (because I’m on script drugs for pain).

    I’d made attempts to use this prior without success because I was too cautious with dosage.

    A testimonial in the e-newsletter about increasing doses (for similar reasons) to meet individual needs, made all the difference to me. I calculated my own nightly dose over a couple of weeks and haven’t looked back.

  2. Maureen

    great for sleep – can ii use this product on my face please

  3. Beth (verified owner)

    I purchased this a few months ago so I wanted to give it time before I wrote a review. It really helps me sleep and makes me overall a little calmer. I had a few questions to ask and Mac couldn’t have been more helpful. His service was amazing and response time was very quick I am very impressed with that.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Thanks Beth, always nice to talk things over.

  4. Dianne Jones (verified owner)

    I can’t live without this great oil. I use it twice daily without fail and have been using it since 2018 to manage my pain from Rheumatoid arthritis. I am still using medication but this has reduced the dosage of the prescribed drugs.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Fantastic to hear!

  5. Stella Banks

    I am grateful for the relief I get from using this product. I have significant lower back pain and shoulder pain and quite often it is all I need to get me through. I will continue to use the hemp oil and I have combined it with my recent purchase of the balms and I find it works for me. I recommend these products as an alternative to opioids that can leave you feeling sluggish and cause you harm long term .

  6. Rick odell (verified owner)

    Hi, I am Rick, been in the construction industry 46 years, before a work injury stopped me in my tracks, five years getting my fitness back to a reasonable shape, four months ago on my Harley fat boy ,a elderly lady swerved into me on wrong side of road wrote bike off and put me in hospital, fractured hand , muscle tears in biceps shoulder and glutes plus added to previous injuries, very bad tempered with people and muttering in pain a lot. From previous 5 years ,I realised prescribed pain relief is not answer, to many side effects, and addictive, 3 weeks a go I got onto the turmeric and hemp oil, I must be the only one who likes the taste, 5 drops morning and night . For me it works, seem to be a lot more peaceful and not as snarly as before, which I think is due to the oil taking the edge off the pain, another thing I really recommend is the hemp ,comfrey and arnica balm, the muscle tears in my arms are painful and throb constantly, ten minutes after rubbing balm on most of pain is gone I use 2 or 3 times day, highly recommend these products, Australian made good people to deal with , what more could I want . Thanks Rick

  7. Xenia (verified owner)

    Great product, after some experiments with the dosage, I’m occasionally (when feeling a bit flat) taking 4 drops for greater intuition and healing energy flow for my massage work. Same dosage for social events as I’ve got social anxiety. It’s amazing for that purpose, I ‘almost’ feel normal!😂
    Maybe it’s because it helps me open my heart more and have compassion for myself and others, accepting that nobody is perfect, that i don’t have to be either!😉
    I take 6-7 drops when I’m sick and need a good sleep. It helps ease a cough up to a certain “coughing level”, but found that above that it’s not effective.
    Also great for minor headaches, and found that 4-5 drops helps me deal with really hot weather.
    I found it interesting to notice when i first began taking the drops, that 5 drops only for experiments sake, without a problem or ailment, was too strong for me. Being a fairly slightly built person, the fine tuning seems to be quite important. It’s probably also due to my sensitivity.
    For hubby it’s been great to ease anxiety and irritability (10+ drops for him), also for a good sleep. My son had been taking it for sleep, with the aim to ease his tooth grinding. It was only slightly effective for him, also he found that after regular use it makes him drowsy during the day, so he prefers not to use it now. Overall our family is grateful for this product, thank you so much!😊

  8. Robert Arthur

    I have your 100ml Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric sent to me by my son ostensibly to assist with my Arthritis pain. Nowhere can I find dosage or instructions for use. How much should I consume from the dropper and how long should it take to get any relief?

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Hello, There should be a paper on the box saying “take 5 drops twice a day under the tongue” As everyone responds differently, it can take up to 2 weeks for result to be noticeable, but usually after a few days. As time goes you can play with the number of drops to suit your needs, please let us know how you go. Thanks Mac

  9. Wendy Jenkins (verified owner)

    I bought the trail size of both the balm and oil and love them both they have help with my back and ankle pain and it has help me sleep were as l wasn’t sleeping before l started on the oil

    • Yari

      Great to hear 🙂

  10. Kelly (verified owner)

    Not sure yet… I’ve been taking the hemp with tumeric 3 weeks now and I’ve upped it to 1ml twice a day .. I’ve originally bought for sleep and back pain .. still in process , maybe I need stronger stuff.. but still holding hope

  11. Deb (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the oil on two of my Dobermans, my girl had spinal issues and although I know the oil wasn’t going to cure her spine I wanted to give her the best quality of life. The oil used with her prescription meds allowed her to l move easier.

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Does it come with Dosage / Instructions?

Yes, we include a leaflet with instructions with every order, here is a sample:

It can take up to 1hr to start feeling the effects from our Hemp Oil range (and 1 minute for the Nano range), and will last between 6-8hrs. The effect is cumulative, some people will feel it right away whilst others may take up to 2 weeks to notice its effects.

All people react differently to dosing, there is no ‘one size fits all’, so it can take time to find the right amount. Too much can also be counterproductive, increase a bit at a time (up-titrating) to see the effect, then adjust again to find the optimum dose for you.

Do you offer Discounts?

We believe in making our products as accessible as possible to everyone.

Many of our customers are elderly and on tight budgets.

So we keep the cost of our products down for everyone, and don’t offer discount codes.

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Why are your products so much cheaper than others?

Black Sheep Farm Oils is a small family-run Australian business, we grow, make & post our products ourselves so we don’t have import duties, middle men, extra taxes etc

We make a fair profit on our products, which are often 1/2 or 1/3 the price of others.

Many customers have switched from more expensive hemp products and found ours to be very effective, you can read some of the reviews here.