Hemp in Glycerin

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Organic vegetable glycerin, certified no palm oil in it.

For those who do not like oils we have now got Hemp infused in vegetable glycerin.

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Organic vegetable glycerin, certified no palm oil in it.

99.5 % Glycerine from South America.

TO BE DISCONTINUED, once we run out of stock we will not be making this product any longer.

1 review for Hemp in Glycerin

  1. Falling Rain

    (Tried starter kits and 100 ml oils as well as balms).
    While my partner and I are observing certain medicinal and therapeutic benefits from the product(s) I am unable to provide a completely positive review because of the packaging.
    We bought a number of starter kits and the droppers in those small bottles fell apart almost immediately. Unfortunately the droppers in the large (100ml) bottles are equally as cheap and make administering the oil(s) a task that is prone to spillage and wastage.
    Given the price of these remedies the quality of the dropper bottles generally gives me pause to consider whether we spend any more money here; despite the potential for positive therapeutic results and overall benefits.

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