Thieves Essential Oil

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Thieves Oil is a powerful mix of essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Tea Tree oils (our own addition).

Potential benefits: people use Thieves Oil for boosting their immune system, a nasal decongestant, fighting microbes as a hand sanitizer, an antibacterial wipe or rubbed onto bottom of hands and feet for cold & flu.

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Thieves Oil – Full Description

Thieves Oil is a powerful mix of 100% essential oils of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Tea Tree (our own addition).

How to Use Thieves Oil

You can use a diluted Thieves Oil as a hand sanitiser, rub on the bottom of your feet to keep away cold and flu, or on areas where you may be having aches and pains.

Add a few drops of our pure essential oil Thieves Oil to a oil diffuser / burner for a lovely, cleansing fragrance throughout your home or office.

A few drops on a bowl of steaming hot water makes a wonderful decongestant.

Ingredients of Thieves Oil

Made using our wonderful 100% essential oils:

Country of Origin

  • Various countries (see each essential oil product page above)

Bulk Thieves Oil

We can sell larger bulk quantities of Thieves Oil at wholesale prices, please contact us for quantities you require and pricing.

Compare to Young Living / doTERRA Thieves Oil

Our essential oils are as good as other major brands such as doTERRA On Guard Oil or Young Living Thieves Oil at a fraction of the price.
Our 10ml Thieves Oil is $15.40, or just $23.10 for 15ml, whilst doTERRA’s is $50.67 and Young Living’s is $78.60 for a similar size bottle.

We try hard to keep our prices reasonable, and competitive, with less middle-men driving up the price.

Wholesale essential oils

If you are a shop you may like to apply for a Wholesale essential oils account, giving even more of a discount.

Additional information

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10 reviews for Thieves Essential Oil

  1. Mrs. Lynette Walsh (verified owner)

    BSF Thieves Oil – Very Senior Lady, I am two years into recovery from a nasty blood disorder that required the removal of a section of bone across the top of my left temple and took part of the muscle controlling my left eye. I recall my GP telling me very calmly, you have a level 4 cancer and we need to find out what type, this was November 2021. Surgery was followed by extensive Chemotherapy with my Specialist Haematologist concerned that I would not survive. I have been using BSF Thieves Oil for the past two years as an aid for my immune system. Applied to both wrists and to the soles of my feet.
    I have a small but comfortable open plan Unit Office/Lounge/Kitchen/Dining. I use BSF Thieves Oil in my mini Banksia Pod diffuser, which sits up under my reverse-cycle air conditoner, plus BSF Tea Tree Oil in a second Pod diffuser on the desk in my office space.
    Comments from visitors on how lovely and fresh my unit is, and on a personal basis comments from friends how fresh the BSF Thieves Oil
    smells on my person as I venture out to lunch supported by those friends. Happy to support a great home grown business, thank you Mac, Yari and Co. keep up the great work.

    • Mac McGauley

      Hi Lynette, Very happy to hear you are doing well, It is one of our favourite oils also, we now have the room spray as well based on Thieves Oil. All the best for the future.

  2. Muzza (verified owner)

    I was given the recipe for Thieves Oil by a close friend who had been working in an environment where she was regularly exposed to a significant number of people who had contracted Covid over the last couple of years, yet she had not been affected due to using the oil topically and via diffuser throughout the run of the pandemic. I had bought the ingredient oils separately and made up the blend, at quite a considerable cost, to safeguard myself and my son after my wife’s passing (not from Covid) and when purchasing the last ingredient, I was told that Black Sheep Farms had the blend available at quite a considerable cost saving and ordered the 100ml bottle ( considerably less expensive than buying the ingredients separately) which was delivered very promptly and safely and was found to be indistinguishable from the mixed blend when used. Very pleased with the product and will definitely be a returning customer. Many thanks Mac and Team.

    • Black Sheep Farm Factory (verified owner)

      I am glad that you like it, we added Tea Tree Oil into the original blend, being an Australian Oil and very antimacrobial as well. Thanks Mac

  3. Robyn (verified owner)

    From the very first time I applied theives oil to my feet they instantly stopped burning. Used 4 times a day for 4days til no more discomfort &pain. Will continue to apply couple days a wk before bed as it seems it’s a fantastic detox. Many Thanks Black Sheep ☮️

  4. Louise V (verified owner)

    First time buying Thieves oil and absolutely loving it! I bought this along with a variety of other oils and they all arrived quite quickly and well packaged. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

  5. marcia4 (verified owner)

    I love this one, but it seemed a little weak by itself. I added a few more drops of cinnamon oil and it was perfect in the house.

  6. Kelli Bordignon (verified owner)

    I have used Thieves oil for quite a while now but this is the first time I have bought it off Black Sheep Farm. I love this product. Smells beautiful and the price is very good. I put a second order in for my mother and sister-in-law. I will definitely buy my Thieves oil from here again.

  7. Merv (verified owner)

    Beautiful aromatic product, well priced, quick delivery. Thanks Mac, will be back for more.

  8. Sarah (verified owner)

    Received this yesterday and already I’m in love. I have diffused it and rubbed on the soles of my feet, and you can just feel it’s doing good work. The smell is incredible. I don’t want to be without this product now.

  9. Jazzie (verified owner)

    I use this oil in our diffuser nearly everyday and we love the smell that fills the whole house. Can highly recommend!

  10. Luke Walker

    Next level, oil diffuser, itchy bites, behind the ears what eves.
    And for the price approx $40 for 15ml Doterra thieves oil
    25ml black sheep $24.20

    • Mac McGauley


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