Balanced Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

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A mixed blend of our Old Dog + Calm Dog pet oils for balance:

  • a mix of heated & unheated hemp
  • hemp seed oil from Tassie for omegas 3 & 6
  • turmeric for aches & stiffness

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Calm Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

A mixed blend of our Old Dog + Calm Dog, this works better for young dogs who may be overactive & overexcited.

Made with Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil & organic Nimbin Hemp + Turmeric, specifically formulated for dogs, our PET RANGE has omega-3 and omega-6 + strong terpenes to assist with pain relief, stress & anxiety in dogs.


  • Hemp Seed Oil (Tasmanian, cold pressed)
  • Hemp, unheated / raw (certified organic, locally grown in Nimbin)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Dosage / How to Use

May be used for dogs, cats & humans too.

Dog Dosage
Start with 3-4 drops and then increase from there if not seeing much affect after a few days.
For a larger dog such as 40kg you could start with 5-6 drops.

Cat Dosage
For cats 1-5kg start with 1-2 drops.
For larger cats 5kg plus, start on 3 drops and adjust from there after 3-5 days.

Finding The Right Dosage
All people / animals react differently to dosing, there is no one size fits all, so it can take time to find the right amount.

Too much can also be counterproductive, so increasing a bit at a time (up-titrating) to see the effect, then adjust again to find the optimum dose.

Size Options

All our hemp oils come in two sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-4 months


The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.

For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

6 Months of Doggy Trials

We’ve been testing our Pet Range for 6 months in a blind trial with 30 dogs, each was given Sample A, B and C and asked to fill out a feedback form for a min 7 days on each oil.

As dogs don’t have the placebo effect, and their owners did not know what was in each oil, the results have been enlightening… read the Testimonials below.

We will be posting more details on the trials & feedback in the coming weeks here, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Testimonials for ‘Balanced Dog’

“Kiwi (& I) use Black Sheep oil for pain relief and Kiwi has extra if there are fireworks. He normally uses the Hemp in Coconut Oil with Turmeric. I trialed each oil for 14 days. 6 drops twice a day.

Oil A (Old Dog) was the least effective for Kiwi. I rated it an average of 2/5 but wondered if might have not responded as well because usually he gets the turmeric in his hemp oil.

Oil B (Calm Dog) seems very effective in a more wholistic way. Seemed more sedating at first. Perhaps slightly less effective pain relief wise, though. If I wasn’t comparing it to oil C or his normal drops (which he went back on nearly two weeks ago), I wouldn’t notice a difference.

Oil C (Balanced Dog) was most effective for his pain. I rated it a 4.5/5 for pain relief and general comfort during the day. Much less stiff getting up after his morning nap (after his morning run).

– Kiwi, Irish Terrier (18 months)

?‍?  The Dog / Pet Hemp Range ?

We make three pet hemp oils to choose from:

? OLD DOG – for dogs with pain, especially older, arthritic dogs (unheated hemp + turmeric)
? CALM DOG – for anxious, fearful or OCD dogs (heated hemp)
? BALANCED DOG – a mixed blend of the two above (50% / 50% + turmeric)

Further Details

Organic Hemp

Hemp in this product is half heated / un-heated (decarboxylated) for a well rounded (balanced) pet hemp oil.

All our hemp is grown organically around Nimbin, Australia, though it is not certified organic (see also our Certified Organic Hemp Oil range, not just for dogs).

Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil

100% unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil from Tasmania.

Wonderful for doggy hair which comes up shiny with this supplement.
Also has been reported to reduce malting by 70% in some breeds (Jack Russell and Foxy).

Hemp seed oil is extracted by cold pressing hemp seed and contains the Omega 6:3 ratio of fish oil and is the perfect plant-based alternative for people wanting a more sustainable oil as it doesn’t come with the heavy metals or ecological impact of fish oil.


Turmeric is a strong natural anti-inflammatory often used to relieve pain caused by inflammation, many people take it in tablet or powder form daily as a health supplement.

We use a certified organic, double curcumin strength turmeric from India.

NOTE: turmeric is very yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

Social Reviews

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4 reviews for Balanced Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

  1. NeptuneRainbowdreamer (verified owner)

    Choosing a star rating for this product is tricky, because I have personally experienced how helpful all of the Black Sheep Farm products are. In this particular case, I purchased this oil for my cat who has many urinary issues resulting from botched desexing surgery. I thought that adding the hemp oil to his wellness regime might help, but unfortunately the oil relaxed his bladder muscles and he is unaware that his bladder is full, thus he has been incontinent since using the product. I will have to stop using, but will simply use it for myself instead. I would be interested to hear if this has affected any other pets prone to incontinence. Bugger, I was really hoping that the hemp oil would be a win!

  2. Lesleigh White (verified owner)

    I started my 17 year ol Dashie x on oil C..Balance. He has Kidney Disease, Tumour on his head between his eyes and Aurthrits . I can never really tell if he gets pain, but I assume he does. He sleeps most days only getting up to go to the toilet and small walks.
    I feel since taking Balance he seems to be happier and only want him to be pain free till his last days.

  3. Robyn Kopunic (verified owner)

    The balanced dog oil has helped my 8yo dog so much. He’s not in pain anymore & off all the vet supplied anti inflammatory & pain relief medication.

  4. Jules

    During the trial I didn’t know which oil we were using but the balanced dog has made such a difference to Kiwi. He’s young and extremely active but has luxating patella, not that you can tell these days 🙂
    Balanced dog is a great daily maintenance for him but have to mention I now use the Calm dog drops (more sedating/calming in a normalising kind of way
    —not like the vet meds) when there is fireworks. It’s magic!

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