Old Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

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For the older pets, cats & dogs & those in pain, add some pep back into their step!

  • mostly raw hemp, stronger terpenes
  • hemp seed oil (omegas 3 & 6)
  • full spectrum, turmeric for pain & arthritis

For dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs etc read Details, Dosage or Reviews below

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Old Dog – Hemp Oil

Made specifically for pets with pain, especially older arthritic cats & dogs.

Old Dog is unheated hemp + respective terpenes, twice the potency for pain when compared to Calm Dog.

Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil as a base has omega-3 and omega-6 + strong raw hemp & terpenes to assist with pain relief, stress & anxiety in pets.


  • Hemp Seed Oil (Tasmanian, cold pressed)
  • Hemp, unheated / raw (organic, grown in Nimbin)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Tested for 6 months with our existing doggy customers.

Dosage / How to Use

May be used for dogs, cats & humans too.

Dog Dosage
Start with 3-4 drops and then increase from there if not seeing much affect after a few days.
For a larger dog such as 40kg you could start with 5-6 drops.

Cat Dosage
For cats 1-5kg start with 1-2 drops.
For larger cats 5kg plus, start on 3 drops and adjust from there after 3-5 days.

Finding The Right Dosage
All people / animals react differently to dosing, there is no one size fits all, so it can take time to find the right amount.

Too much can also be counterproductive, so increasing a bit at a time (up-titrating) to see the effect, then adjust again to find the optimum dose.

Size Options

All our hemp oils come in two sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 2-4 months


The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.

For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

6 Months of Doggy Trials

We tested our Pet Range for 6 months in a blind trial with 30 dogs, each was given Sample A, B and C and asked to fill out a feedback form for a min 7 days on each oil.

As dogs don’t have the placebo effect, and their owners did not know what was in each oil, the results have been enlightening… read the Testimonials below.

We post more details & feedback regularly on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Testimonials for ‘Old Dog’

“My black kelpie Keto who is my baby would like to be a part of your survey. She is 8 years old with anxiety to storms and loud bangs. She had a torn ligament in her hind leg which left her with arthritis.

Week 2 I used sample A (Old Dog) and i was able to stop her arnica supplements and she seemed more relaxed. I kept her on it for extra week.

All in all though in saying that she did seem less anxious on the A. Hope this helps as i do believe in natural products for all.”
– Keto, Kelpie

“Gave them Old Dog last night, and they were very good. Narla just relaxes…

Missy was really good this morning, walking outside much better.”
– Narla / Missy

🐕 The Dog / Pet Hemp Range

We make three pet hemp oils to choose from:

  • OLD DOG – for dogs with pain, especially older, arthritic dogs (raw hemp + turmeric)
  • CALM DOG – for anxious, fearful or OCD dogs (decarboxylated/heated hemp)
  • BALANCED DOG – a mixed blend of the two above (50% / 50% + turmeric)


Further Details

Organic Hemp

Specially formulated unheated hemp keeps heat-sensitive terpenes alive (the hemp is not heated / decarboxylated).

All our hemp is grown organically around Nimbin, Australia, though it is not certified organic (see also our Certified Organic Hemp Oil range).

Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil

100% unrefined cold pressed hemp seed oil from Tasmania.

Wonderful for doggy hair which comes up shiny with this supplement.
Also has been reported to reduce malting by 70% in some breeds (Jack Russell and Foxy).

Hemp seed oil is extracted by cold pressing hemp seed and contains the Omega 6:3 ratio of fish oil and is the perfect plant-based alternative for people wanting a more sustainable oil as it doesn’t come with the heavy metals or ecological impact of fish oil.


Turmeric is a strong natural anti-inflammatory often used to relieve pain caused by inflammation, many people take it in tablet or powder form daily as a health supplement.

We use a certified organic, double curcumin strength turmeric from India.

NOTE: turmeric is very yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

Social Reviews

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19 reviews for Old Dog – Pet Hemp Oil

  1. Tania (verified owner)

    I have had my Aussie shepherd on this for 2.5 years now. Vet said she had Arthritis in her back & recommended drugs which I wasn’t keen on. I started using 5 drops a day with Chiro treatments at 8 week intervals and my Aussie looks 7 again. She will be 13 in September. Have recommended this product to so many dog friends

  2. kay stevens (verified owner)

    I have been buying the hemp oil for my elderly dog for a few years now for her mobility. She is still walking around and enjoying her walks and life in general. Black Sheep Farm is a great company to deal with. They actually reply to any questions asked unlike a lot of businesses these days, prompt service, good communication and very fast delivery.

  3. Cosimo Dichiera (verified owner)

    I bought the old dog hemp oil a week ago, l have been given it to my 9 year old rotti X for his severe arthritis in his back leg, l give it to him 20 min before we go walking , l found it helps to take the edge of pain and he is happy when walking .Truthfully l was sceptical, but after giving it to him for a week, I will keep him on it and now l give the oil to my Labrador as she has a mild soreness and stiffness in the morning l give her 3 drops and she is happy.

    • Mac McGauley

      Hi Cosimo, wish he has many happy pain free years to come. Mac

  4. Riaarne (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product previously, I’m now a returning customer. I’ve been using this product for our old cat, previously was only needed for winter but with her turning 17 she’s now needing it everyday. Have noticed a difference with her joints.looking forward to the next delivery! Thanks

  5. Abbey (verified owner)

    This oil has worked absolute wonders on our 17 year old Lab. He is riddled with arthritis, has been on pharmaceutical medication for years but visibly clear that he was still in a lot of pain. Since taking this oil, he acts like a puppy each morning bouncing and running around! It has been a blessing for him to be with us a little while longer & in less pain.

  6. Sandy H

    I have been using Old Dog on our old dog Fabio. He is getting a bit dottery and has dementia and a bit of anxiety too.

    This has calmed his nerves and taken the anxiety away. He doesn’t get lost in the house anymore and is much calmer / less confused.

    We give him 6 drops morning and night….

  7. Sharon (verified owner)

    My 15 yo Staffy has been finding life difficult lately. He has lumps and bumps, arthritis, trouble seeing and hearing and separation anxiety which has him barking if he loses sight of me.
    Hand on heart I wasn’t sure what if any improvements ‘Old Dog’ would make to his life but anything would be a win.
    After only a few weeks on ‘Old Dog’ I am seeing big changes in him.. He is sleeping, eating and moving better. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned if he can’t see me and his barking is not noticed much at all now. A big win.
    Mac, thank you so much. ‘Old Dog’ is a game changer. A calmer pet makes for a calmer owner. I am very happy to recommend ‘Old Dog’ to anyone who has an old dog who has problems like mine had.

    • Mac McGauley

      I’m happy to hear your old doggy is sleeping, eating and moving better Sharon, thank you for writing us a review here.

  8. Heather

    We have been using your hemp oil now for several years with our elderly staffie cross cattle dog Alli. She frequently experienced a painful limp in her front leg which had a visibly swollen joint. She was also very stiff after lying down and took a while to get going. Sometimes with the swollen joint she would be immobilized and on medication for several days til she recovered.

    Hemp oil was recommended and almost miraculously she has only limped a couple of times since taking the oil and she no longer appears stiff when she first gets up after a nap. We no longer allow her to chase balls but she runs off leash at the park to her hearts content and seems happy and pain free.

    The use of the hemp oil has been an amazing contribution to her quality of life.
    Thank you from Alli.

  9. Heather Kimber

    My (going on 21 year old) English Staffie Spud has been on the Old Dog tincture for only a couple of days and already I can see an improvement!

  10. Pam (verified owner)

    Our seven year old Maltese cross could hardly walk, because of (I think) arthritis. We were just about to take her for treatment when our dog sitter put her onto Old Dog and when we picked her up after a 2 week holiday we couldn’t believe the improvement. We’ve kept her on the oil since February and now have a dog that loves walking again and is quite a different dog. So we bought Hemp oil, Almond and Turmeric for ourselves. My husband has arthritis in his hands and he says it is helping with that. We also find that we don’t feel so tired during the day and have stopped having afternoon naps. We also have Hemp, Comfrey and Arnica balm that we find helps with arthritic joints. Great product and very happy with results. Thank you.😀

    • Mac McGauley

      Lovely to have you drop in on us today Pam, with Lulu walking around like a young pup 🙂

  11. J Douglas (verified owner)

    Lovely People
    Lovely Company
    Lovely Products
    I have purchased Old Dog & Calm Dog
    These oils work for sure !

    • Mac McGauley

      Happy to help 🙂

  12. Giorgina (verified owner)

    Can’t recommend this enough, got this for my mums 13 year old border collie who has arthritis in his spine. With only 3 drops a day what a changed dog no more anti inflammatorys and his storm anxiety has decreased so much that he will go outside and even look out the window, when normally would be hiding in any small space and shaking so much, shakes are gone.
    Thank you black sheep farm oils for help this old boy and putting the biggest smile back on his face.

  13. Vicki J (verified owner)

    My 17 yr old cat has been quickly losing his eyesight and hearing which is causing him anxiety and as also with old age is full of painful arthritis which has all added up to him losing his appetite. I don’t like him being on meds which make him drowsy so decided to try him on a more natural path of treatment. After a couple of months on Old Dog hemp oil he has made a signifigant turnaround with his mobility, has gained his appetite back and his dull coat has it’s lustre back. His eyesight and hearing are the same but hasn’t got the anxiety that went with it. He now sleeps soundly without having to constantly wake with discomfort. His colourful, cheeky, personality has returned. I am just so happy his senior time will be so much more comfortable. Highly recommend Old Dog hemp oil for any senior pets to help ease any old age issues. Thankyou team at Black Sheep Farm

  14. Nikki (verified owner)

    Woah… my 15 year old Basenji x was starting to really have a hard time with her mobility due to her age, arthritis and previous injuries. But it seems that the Old Dog is truly a little gift of happiness for her and for me. Thank you from both of us .. x

  15. Julie (verified owner)

    Started Skye on Old Dog a week ago.Having just under a ml and she already is showing improvement in movements.Fingers crossed.

  16. ANN-MARIE POSTON (verified owner)

    Thanks so much! – product arrived very promptly and although early days appears to have definitely put a spring in the step of our 17-year-old labradoodle!

  17. Janet (verified owner)

    Well this stuff works. Have to admit I was somewhat sceptical but I’m happy to say that my two 12 yr old dogs have been on this for a couple of weeks and the difference is amazing. I will be continuing

  18. Talia B

    Badger was a part of the study. We had great success with the Sample A (old dog). We were using it to treat OCD (chasing lights and shadows) and overstimulation. This really helped to calm him down a bit. He was able to sleep more , was less interested in the lights/shadows and was less overwhelmed by novelty in life. So happy to have found something that helps him without having to use prescription medication that has side affects.

  19. Sam

    We can not thank you enough. Narla and Missy say hello. They love it. And can’t wait to take their dose 3 drops each per day at 6pm in a bowl with their favourite milk. Missy runs like the wind. 12 yr old Foxy who tore her crucial ligaments in her back knee. You wouldn’t know she’s ever had a problem runs like a pocket Rocket with a little heart problem. Narla who is 2 and afraid of Storms and loud noise. Just chills out. Yes a Jack Russell all relaxed. Who ever could say that as a Jack Russell owner.
    Thank you so much XOXO

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