Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

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Infused Cannabis Sativa hemp in almond + turmeric, handmade personally by Mac from Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin, NSW
  • Safe for pets

Infused hemp oil has been re-discovered to be beneficial for management of pain, arthritis & more, read Customer Reviews to see what people are using it for.

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Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

Our first and original hemp oil, and best seller.

Also available in a Tester & Starter Pack with the Hemp, Comfrey Arnica Cream.


  • Almond oil (cold pressed)
  • Cannabis Sativa hemp (organic, locally grown)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

All my hemp oils come in two different sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months

The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Read customer reviews on this product below, or all products reviews here to see what people are using our products for.

NOTE: Please be aware that turmeric is yellow and can stain clothes and towels.

141 reviews for Hemp in Almond Oil & Turmeric

  1. shona stewart

    I purchased this product and found the oil helpful in reducing anxiety and calming me. The cream has worked really well for my lower back pain allowing me to sleep. Couldn’t recommend these products more highly.

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    Hi, well it worked. That’s for sure. Stopped taking pain relief meds. I have neck and lower back pain and Osteoarthritis. Also general body aches which I have described as like constantly having the flu. My Dr mentioned Fibromyalgia although has never treated me for that. Unfortunately though, after about 3 weeks I had to stop, as it gave me diarrhea. After everything settled down I decided to try again as the aches and pains had returned, but same problem. I’m so dissapointed. After all the fantastic reviews and my initial results, I was devastated. Back to square one. Maybe I’m just unlucky and it doesn’t agree with me. Has anyone else experienced this.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Hi Karen, Which carrier oil did you have? Maybe try one of the other ones, also was it with turmeric?
      Please contact me to work on this, Thanks for the feedback, Bye Mac

  3. Leanne

    I could honestly cry at the results I’ve had with the Hemp Oil and Hemp Cream. I was so sceptical that either product would ease anything and I am incredibly grateful to be writing a genuine, positive review.
    I have struggled with insomnia, chronic pain, crippling anxiety and severe depression for decades. It took two years to wean myself off a multitude of drugs to treat all of the above. For a year since, I’ve only taken a Valium when needed while suffering an anxiety attack. I was getting 4-5 hours of broken sleep a night.
    Enter Black Sheep Hemp oil and cream 4 weeks ago and the results have far exceeded my expectations.
    I am getting 7 hours sleep! My osteoarthritis pain has reduced.
    My anxiety levels have lessened and any sudden onset is much more manageable.
    I feel like I’ve rejoined the human race. My quality of life, ability to cope with everyday things and general well being have improved dramatically.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Wow, and thank you Leanne for leaving your review for us and others to read. All the best, Mac

  4. Maddy

    I bought the tester oil pack on a whim 3 weeks ago after telling my friend about my anxiety. I didn’t think it would work.. but only after a week of using it, I started to notice that the usual anxious sickening stomach drop feeling I usually get on the regular had not been present for days, and still 3 weeks later I haven’t experienced it. It’s like I’m just waiting for an anxiety episode, but it never comes. It’s not about what I feel, but what I don’t feel now because of this oil. I truly feel like a new person.
    (Side note: Micro-dose until you find the right amount of oil for you, because I took a bit too much the first week and had headaches).

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Very happy for you Maddy, thanks for the feedback, especially on the dosing.

  5. kimmaree (verified owner)

    More than happy. I initially bought it to combat pain but its had a surprising effect on reducing anxiety.
    My dog is fearful of loud noises and petrified of storms, since introducing hemp oil she has significantly settled and no longer shakes and paces. She’ll actually sit for the dose. I love it.

  6. Kerryn

    I purchased this oil after my mum tried it, I have bulging discs in my back and bad knees, I found it hard to walk around for long periods at a time as my thighs go numb if i over do it, taking this has helped, I feel I have more energy as my sleeping patterns have changed too.
    I would highly recommend this product.
    Thanks Mac

  7. Jo Karaitiana

    I have tried a lot of CBD to control my epilepsy without success so thought I would try Black Sheep Farm oils. Started with the trial pack and had no tonic clinic seizures since! For cost, efficiency and customer service use Black Sheep Farm oil. Thanks Mac & friends!

  8. Jean Hampstead

    I bought the hemp oil trial pack that my local GP recommended after experiencing months of headaches, high blood pressure, restless legs & insomnia. The results were amazing within the first week I am sleeping all night, no more restless legs, headaches gone & my blood pressure has come down. I have recommended this product to family, friends & work colleagues & will certainly be a regular customer

  9. Gaynor Cuddihy (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and am very impressed with the results I have had for the pain from osteoarthritis. I had to up the recommended dose by a few drops but it has worked wonders for me. I would recommend any one with chronic pain to try this☺️☺️

  10. Allan (verified owner)

    Great Product. It has helped with my Osteoarthritis pain and I have recommended it to my friends.

  11. Julie Rich (verified owner)

    I purchased Hemp oil infused in almond oil with turmeric a few weeks ago, i was very happy with reviews, i required it for my anxiety and cronic insomnia. I must say that i can now go to bed with no anxiety and the oil allows my over active mind to slow down and relax to enable my body to drop off to sleep. I have had this problems for 2 years and this product has been the only thing that has helped me, as i have tried lots of medications, but non that worked so well and so naturally as the hemp oil. I will always purchase this wonderful product. Now that you have sold your farm, i do hope the quality, strength ,product and excellent service remain the same.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Thanks for your feedback, and I assure you that the quality and reliability is our very priority for the future.

  12. Nicole Madex

    Absolutely brilliant stuff..I started taking your oil 2 wks ago for my arthritis & anxiety, it has honestly been life changing, I feel stronger & happier mentally than I have felt in 20+yrs..no pain..no anxiety.. I am even reducing off other meds..thanks Mac & the team for making my life worth living out in the real world with a smile 😉

  13. Kevin (verified owner)

    Tried the tester pack first, never sure with trying new products. Have purchased larger packs because I found great relief using in combination with the Hemp oil cream containg Arnica and Comfrey. Having recommended to friends.

  14. David (verified owner)

    Thank you to Mac and Team for the wonderful hemp oil. It is great for reducing stress and worry and improving sleep. Its a great product. Also the customer service has been excellent. Keep doing what you are doing. Kind wishes, David.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Your feedback is much appreciated David

  15. kfubears (verified owner)

    I brought Hemp Oil with Almond and Turmeric as I have pains in my back n arthritis in my knees I have found it has improved my body, it has also has improved my sleeping. Thanks for a great product I would recommend to friends.

  16. Beverley Hush

    I started using Hemp oil with tumeric and the hemp cream early December 20, I have osteoarthritis in both knees and in my hands – within a few weeks the pain had gone from a 10/10 to about 5/10 – and is improving daily.
    I have been very happy to recommend the Black Sheep Farm oils to my friends who have then purchased.
    I will certainly keep using as I do not want the pain to start again.
    Thank you Black Sheep Farm Oils.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Happy to hear your success with the cream & oil Beverley.

  17. Terry Bennett (verified owner)

    Hello, I am so glad I found this product. I have arthritis and was constantly taking pain pills which were not really working.
    However after taking the Hemp oil for about a week, no arthritis pain at all. I’ve told every one I know who has pain about your fantastic product. Thanks Mac..

  18. Pam (verified owner)

    I have been using hemp oil for years for arthritis & came across your product by chance. I purchased the oil infused with almond oil & turmeric recently & I have to say that I absolutely love it! My pain levels have dropped significantly. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from arthritis.

  19. Sarah (verified owner)

    I have been using hemp oil to reduce stress and help relax tense muscles at night and it works perfectly. I will start trying it on my hair to improve my scalp.

  20. Clifford Allen (verified owner)

    I bought the almond and turmeric product, recommended by a friend for my arthritic knees. I was taking pain medication three times a day, since using this product I have not used any medication and the pain is minimal and I can walk more freely, I have only been using it for three weeks so I look forward to more improvement in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product, I have already done so.
    Thank you for such a great product.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Wonderful to hear your pain has reduced so much

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