Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) – no Turmeric

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Infused hemp coconut oil, handmade personally by Mac from Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin NSW Australia
  • Safe for pets
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Hemp Oil in MCT

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) bonds well with hemp as an infusion and is known to be beneficial as a carrier oil.

MCT stays liquid on cold days, unlike normal coconut oil which hardens at 24C.


  • MCT Coconut Oil (organic, cold pressed)
  • Hemp (organic, locally grown)
  • Salt

No turmeric in this oil.

All my hemp oils come in two different sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months

The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Read customer reviews on this product below, or all Customer Reviews here to see what people are using our hemp oils for.

52 reviews for Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) – no Turmeric

  1. Graham Payne (verified owner)

    Purchased this product recenytly,hoping it would help with Neuropathic pain in my leg.It doesnt seem to have helped me in any way.BUT,I must say the ease of ordering,and the speed of which shipment was dispatched,and the time of arrival at my address was somewhat out of the ordinary for me.
    Congratulations to Mac and his team,job well done.
    ps……Loved the taste of this oil.

  2. Vernon McGrath (verified owner)

    Great product, less pain, much calmer now ,very grateful .
    Cheers Mac

  3. Mel (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Hemp in Coconut Oil for two weeks & I can honestly say I’ve noticed a big difference in my anxiety levels, they’re nearly non existent. Not to mention, the significant difference in my sleep pattern, before I started taking this oil I don’t remember the last time I’d slept straight through the night.

    I can’t thank Mac & his team enough, I’m forever grateful for what you guys do; & can’t wait to see what the future holds for Black Sheep Farm.

    Thanks Again ☺️

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Always a pleasure Mel 🙂

  4. Odette McKean (verified owner)

    Hi Mac and team, loving this product 😊
    I have many chronic illnesses and it is slowly starting to help. However I am not sure that I am taking enough. I can now sleep soundly through the whole night for the first time in about 15 yrs . It is very calming and less anxiety and panic attacks. I will give another update when I have been on it a little longer. 💕

  5. Ci Reid-Harrison (verified owner)

    Hemp oil with MCT has been helpful to subside cramps and twitching , in-between MJ butter and oil I take morning and evening. Fantastic product.

  6. Helen A (verified owner)

    I bought this product and a few others and have been happy with them. Great service, friendly, answered all my questions and howled with knee pain. Thank you. Great to have these products in Australia.

  7. Louise Shoveller (verified owner)

    Thank you Mac and the Blacksheep Farm oil team.
    Amazing product for me and my dog Missi. We will be regular customers

  8. Joy (verified owner)

    I had been taking Panadol Osteo daily for 9 months since fracturing four vertebrae lifting heavy objects. Turned out I have borderline osteoporosis, and the pain made every day a major effort. I decided to try CBD oil because I read it may strengthen bone density. It had been newly approved to be sold at Queensland chemists, but when I asked for CBD oil at Chemist Warehouse the young lady said it’ll be another 3-6 months yet, and wrote Black Sheep Farm on a slip of paper. Within a week of taking this hemp oil I stopped taking Panadol. The pain is still there – but in the background, rather than front and centre. I won’t know about the bone density until the next scan in 18 months. But I am feeling stronger, less anxious, and less depressed about the pain and the future.
    I take 5 drops morning and evening as directed and have hardly made a dent in it. This bottle is more likely to last a year than 3 months.

  9. Meredith French (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Mum who suffers chronic Anxiety….Wow A total different lady…She and I are blown away by how calm she feels. Now she is doing things with confidence that she felt she couldn’t do before …This stuff is amazing

  10. Andrea (verified owner)

    This product started working on the first day I took it. It immediately relieved my anxiety and gave me an overall feeling of peace that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I will be one of Mac’s returning customers. I’ve been around the internet and I haven’t found a comparable product that compares on quality and price. You’re a legend Mac!

  11. Pamella Barben (verified owner)

    Would like to thank Yuri from Black Sheep Farm. His input into questions I had not only concerning myself, my partner and our small dogs was precise and quick to the point and much appreciated. Firstly I was very impressed as his suggestion was to purchase the smaller quantity first to see how it responded to our needs. This product is amazing. The sharp, stabbing pain from arthritis in my foot vanished immediately, also better sleep, less anxiety and just a general feeling of well being. My partner suffers from mild epilepsy caused by past concussions, chronic fatigue and arthritis. After using this product his well being has improved out of sight. One of our dogs suffers from seizures and after giving 4 drops twice a day with food her seizures have decreased noticeably. Such a relief. Also the other dog has a deformed paw so she is having 1 drop twice a day for prevention of future arthritis.
    Kind regards Pam and Al.

  12. Jesse (verified owner)

    Hi Mac Really happy with the mct coconut oil no Trumatic just a great oil it’s really helped me with my insomnia and iv got off all my Meds with this oil just feel so good that I can sleep without having any problems and it’s helping with other things as well back pain anxiety and just have a clear mind I highly recommend this oil and service at black sheep farms thanks so much a life changer 😃

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Thank you Jesse

  13. Jo Lowe (verified owner)

    I have been reading the reviews with much interest. I received the hemp oil in MCT for the osteoarthritis in both my hands, and after reading the reviews I’m keen to see my anxiety subside, sleep improve and my general gut health become less inflamed.
    Watch this space

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Please keep us posted Jo.

  14. traceyh1977

    I was buying hemp oil from a different business and was finding the cost starting to just get too expensive. I was paying $198 for a 50ml bottle and stumbled across Black Sheep Oils in my search for another supplier that wasn’t going to bust my bank account, but still have a good product. I am a hairdresser of 20 yrs and as like many of my fellow hairdressers, I suffer from sore feet, sore back, sore hands and sore knees. Since taking this oil along with the hemp, arnica and comfrey cream, I have noticed a big difference in my pains and aches. I love it!! I leant my cream to my mum and had to steal it back from her as she loved it for her hands and arthritic feet too. I have also been sharing my hemp oil with my aged dogs and now have 3 ‘pups’ running around like crazies. I cannot express how good this product makes me feel and it obviously makes my dogs feel good as well. I have just put in another order to give mum her own cream so she can stop stealing mine and a hemp oil for the dogs, so I can stop sharing mine with them. You have a really good, respectfully priced product Mac. You and all your team should be proud.

  15. Vicki Smith (verified owner)

    Fantastic product & would highly recommend to anyone with sleep problems or chronic pain. I’ve been using this hemp oil for a month now & almost immediately I’ve been able to stop all pain killers, all my other medications & I’m sleeping at least 8 hours solid sleep every night. Wouldn’t be without it now. Thanks very much.

  16. Robert Lawrence (verified owner)

    Amazing product. By far the best full spectrum oil I’ve tried. I’ve been using CBD for a few years now, so I’ve tried quite a lot of brands from the US. Mac’s oil is just as effective as the oil from the US, which sometimes costs 5 times as much. Such a relief to find an affordable full spectrum oil. Massively helps with the pain I get in my neck and works wonders for my anxiety and sleep. I hope Mac and his team know how many lives they are helping with their great products. I’ve also been using the hemp cream as well, which is just as amazing. A massive thank you to Mac and everyone at Black Sheep Farm Oils.

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Our whole team is happy to have helped Robert, thank you for the review and letting us know what it has done for you.

  17. Kevin (verified owner)

    This is a truly magnificent product. My mind is clear and focused and my metabolism has renewed vigor and stamina. As a 70 year old I would recommend it as a daily tonic beyond any other tonic I have tried. Thank you Mac and the team.

  18. Brett

    Quality product, helps with sleep for me. Mac is the real deal!

  19. E.Gray (verified owner)

    So pleased with this product. I have had far superior sleep since using it and I feel calmer throughout the day. My hands don’t hurt as much which has been a great relief. Would recommend to anyone.

  20. LP (verified owner)

    Hey Mac & team, great product! I was up to taking pharmaceutical pain relief several times a day, for a chronic lower back pain, and since starting the oil I have not taken any pain meds for my back. I’ve noticed that other inflammation pain has subsided as well, my shoulders are more relaxed. My lower back still plays up, has twinges, spasms when I move in certain ways, however the recovery time is much shorter now, and it’s not as uncomfortable to sleep. Other things I’ve noticed include improved skin, less itchy and dry, less jaw clenching (something I had noticed myself doing more in the past year or so) and just more relaxed in myself. I like that my body is gradually recalibrating itself (I’m also in the hormone rebalancing phase of life, and I think it’s having a balancing effect on that too).

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