Nano Water Based Hemp Extract

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Latest product (Feb 2022), after a year-long research phase:

  • nano technology from the US
  • water based & more bioavailable (easily absorbed)
  • acts much faster, 30-60 seconds


(we make a new batch of this weekly, so you may see stock levels go down, then back up again each week)

For those who find our Hemp Oils not strong enough, the Nano Hemp Extract may be for you, manyfold stronger due to 90% bioavailability (nano particles in water) compared to a 20% uptake of the hemp oils.

It also acts much faster, 30-60 sec vs 30-45 min for hemp oil.

This is due to its increased bioavailability as the hemp is split up into nano particles which are wrapped in a food-grade emulsifier & suspended in water molecules, much more easily absorbed by the body.

After a year for testing with hundreds of customers, we are pleased to release our first water based product (commonly used in the US), using nano technology and the particle are very very small. Approx. 60 nm which makes it much more bioavailable by your body.

It is safe for pets and many dogs have had great outcomes from our hemp oil, we have collected some of the relevant details on this page Hemp Oil for Dogs.


  • Water (demineralised)
  • Emulsifier / Stabiliser (organic, food grade from USA)
  • Hemp extract (locally grown in Nimbin)


Keep refrigerated as water does not keep as well as oil at room temperature.

11 reviews for Nano Water Based Hemp Extract

  1. Cindy Novac (verified owner)

    I started using this for my PMDD which is acute PMS and I have definitely noticed a difference with mood and feel more stabilised and also has reduced pain in my muscles from nursing along time. Magic 🤩… Thankyou BlackSheepfarmoils. Definitely continuing this product.
    I have 5 drops in the morning and night.

  2. Rach (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few CBD oils. This Nano variety is definitely stronger and more effective more quickly. Helps me to relax and sleep well.

  3. AliciaSmorthit

    This is absolutely amazing, I’m finding it works so much better than the other products at reducing my pain from RA/SLE/CTD/Sjögrens and helping me to sleep so much better. It’s also lasting much longer as I’m only needing a few drops for hours of relief.

  4. Jill (verified owner)

    Service etc was very good, prompt delivery. However after trying it for about 2 weeks my pain has not improved (neck, shoulder, TGN pain). I find that even the minimum dosage makes me feel emotional and somewhat depressed, unfortunately. So I have been taking it at night instead, which seems to improve my sleep, but is still not doing anything for my pain, sadly.

  5. robert bailin (verified owner)

    amazing i been an insomniac for years the first time i took went out like a light woke need to go to the toilet able to go back to sleep but still wake up during the night-would recommend it-have us & aus oils-don’t really -thanks mac

    • Mac McGauley

      Sleep is so vital to good health, good for you!

  6. Tania Lopez (verified owner)

    I tried this for my lower back pain and since using for 2 weeks my lower back flexibility has increased and I have stopped taking regular painkillers.

  7. Kevin Williams

    Excellent service

  8. Catherine

    Have used nano for a month at about 3-4 drops morning and night for long term neck vertebral pain, associated headaches and arthritis. The pain is much improved and this makes my daily life more active and content.

  9. Ash (verified owner)

    This product is really good, would recommend to relax and help with sleep.

  10. Mark Wilson (verified owner)

    Pretty good for pain from the city although it hasn’t got rid of all of mine as I have lots of pain due to an infection on my spine.
    It has made my sleeping a lot better.

  11. Julie Hunt (verified owner)

    Sleeping much better.
    Still wake up thru night but go back to sleep.So happy to finally get a decent nights sleep.

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