Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) & Turmeric

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Infused hemp coconut oil & turmeric, handmade personally by Mac from Australian-grown hemp plants.

  • Full spectrum hemp oil
  • Hand-made in Australia
  • Organically grown hemp from Nimbin NSW Australia
  • Safe for pets
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Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) with Turmeric

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) bonds well with hemp as an infusion and is known to be beneficial as a carrier oil.

MCT stays liquid on cold days, unlike normal coconut oil which hardens at 24C.


  • MCT Coconut Oil (organic, cold pressed)
  • Hemp (organic, locally grown)
  • Turmeric, yellow (organic)
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

All my hemp oils come in two different sizes:

  • 25ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 weeks
  • 100ml bottle – lasts approx. 3 months

The hemp oils & creams can be stored at room temperature for a year at least, no refrigeration required.
For longer storage you may keep them in the fridge.

Read customer reviews on this product below, or all Customer Reviews here to see what people are using our hemp oils for.

69 reviews for Hemp in Coconut Oil (MCT) & Turmeric

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    I am just finishing my 1st 100mm bottle of hemp oil in coconut with turmeric and have noticed an amazingly good difference in my 60 year old hands and back.
    I also try to have a fresh vegie juice each day to alkalise myself and try to drink lots of water.
    I will definitely continue with the hemp oil and have recommended it to many.
    I’m also trying to get my dear mum to add it to her collection of suppliments.
    It’s very easy to take being a liquid.
    It is also very reasonably priced compared to many and I love that it is made with such love and care.
    Thank you

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Happy for your hands and back Jane!

  2. premo shabu

    heard so many great things about the product but it wasn’t able to help me sleep after smoking meth . it gets really annoying having to stay awake for 3-4 days. do you have anything stronger ?

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Hello, Sorry to hear, maybe it is not the right thing for you. I am not familiar with the effects of meth, but maybe giving it up will help.

  3. Alison B

    Sorry it just didn’t work for me
    After reading all the reviews I am very disappointed.
    My friends recommended and I have been taking for over 2 months. Will finish the second bottle and maybe run the marathon

    • Mac McGauley (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback, have you tried to adjust the dose,or contacted us.There may be other options.

  4. Judy Browne (verified owner)

    I recommended Hemp Oil in MCT to the parents of one of my students who has epilepsy and to a friend who has chronic pain from a motorcycle accident. The epileptic fits have ceased first time ever in 10 years and although still in pain it has eased my friend’s back pain and lessened the need for addictive pain killing pharmaceuticals. Can’t ask for better than that. Thanks Mac.

  5. Colleen Corkill (verified owner)

    I gave now been using the oil abd cream for six weeks. I have had an anxiety g result. I gave recommended several people in my community to try this product because they have seen the difference in me. Even my General Practioner has seen and commented on the difference in me abd he has encouraged me to stay with it too. Try it!

  6. Andrea (verified owner)

    I have be on this for few weeks it has help with my pain and help me sleep better happy with this product once you work out the dose love it. Also the creams work well i think i will go back to hemp without the Turmeric Thanks you

  7. Regina (verified owner)

    I have now been on this oil for 3 weeks and can definitely notice the difference i have rheumatoid arthritis and its been absolutely great and ill be staying on this and buying more thanks Mac

  8. Peter cooper (verified owner)

    I tried the hemp oil with turmeric for my muscular back pain , and with increasing the dose made some difference to that pain. I appreciate your labour in growing and processing the hemp to its final use. Keep up the good work!

  9. Toni Wilson (verified owner)

    I have recommended this oil to many people including women who have been affected by pelvic mesh complications and the many people I know with anxiety/depression and arthritis and inflammation. For me it has helped all of the symptoms of these issues from week 1. It is week4 now. My 16 year old doggie has also had improvement with her anxiety , dementia and sore joints. I find it cheaper than other places , it’s Aussie made,and was delivered in 24 hours and paid via PayPal.I may start cutting down on some meds and even give up some of my expensive supplements. The only negative is the tumeric stains on contact so be careful.I have only used about one third of the 100ml bottle so should last about 3 months for both of us.Thank you Mac

    • Mac McGauley

      Very impressed it’s helped you on so many levels Toni, thanks for letting us know. Mac

  10. jo hercus

    Indeed I am very happy with my Black Sheep goodness….my ailments are subsiding and my quality of slumber has improved immensely….one hundred percent.
    I am most grateful to have such a product as this….Biggest Brightest Thank You at Black Sheep Farm Oils…

  11. Jasmine Harvey (verified owner)

    So Mac, I am into the 6th month of using your hemp oil with coconut and all I can say is “thank you a million times”.After a lifetime of pain …multiple reasons….I am 67 …culmating in being hit by a 4wd.Not much was left for me for pain relief short of pretty hefty drugs but the relief was limited.In desperation I was going to buy your hemp oil, legal or not, even if I had to beg. And it worked for me straight away.WOW!! Then I worried that the effect would wear off or lessen in time…..it has not.I have worked out that for me 10 drops when I need it, works. But the curious thing is I do have days when I don’t nead it till bedtime.Amazing.I had ONE DAY without your oil because I was too slow ordering a new lot.I will never do that again after a nasty reminder of what life used to be like. Thank You Mac… Jas.

    • Mac McGauley

      Wonderful to hear Jasmine & thanks for sharing your story with us. Mac

  12. Vilya Congreave (verified owner)

    I have been taking Mac’s Hemp Oil for years now. It has been most beneficial for improved sleep. I suffer a torticollus tremor to the neck and hands and have found the oil can decrease the tremors. I use it and think of it as an overall body tonic and recommend it frequently.

  13. Amelia (verified owner)

    This oil has literally saved my sanity.
    I have been living with back pain for years. The last two years have been especially bad. I bought this product because pain medication was no longer working and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it.

    I live with very little pain now . I just take five drops in the morning and at night. I still occasionally experience some pain, but it is incidental.

  14. MICK REILLY (verified owner)

    Finally feel like a human being again. No aches and pains for which l was taking neurofen and panadol osteo. Not anymore. Could not be happier. Can’t wait to hit the golf course – when the restrictions get lifted in Victoria.

    • Mac McGauley

      Best thing I read all day Mick, put a smile on my face, good for you.

  15. Lei (verified owner)

    I have bought this product for a friend as I know many other people who have had a lot of success with coming off different pharmaceuticals or treating a diverse range of different ailments with this product. My friend has noticed a considerable change with his knee injury and would like to continue to use it into the future. I was very pleased with how quickly it arrived. Thankyou for providing such a medicine that is affordable, safe and a trustworthy medicine made here in our island.

  16. Paul

    I was given this to try and was very sceptical as to how it would perform.
    I have arthritis in my facet joints and when it is playing up, I wake every time I roll over.
    This does help the pain a little but, but now I get to sleep without being woken by the arthritis.
    Thanks Mac

  17. Rodney Bates

    I must say this product works fantastic, my sleep is so much better now.
    I’m so happy with this product and wake up refreshed and relaxed.
    Thank you Mac, and everyone at Blacksheep Farm.

  18. kay stevens (verified owner)

    I bought the 25ml bottle to try for my dog who has spinal issues and hip dysplasia. She was limping badly, dragging her leg, hiding under things etc. and no wonder after I saw the x-rays. She had been taking 2 Tramadol 50gm daily plus 1/2 Previcox before bed. Two days ago I cut out one of the Tramadol and started giving her 2 drops morning and night in her meals. This morning I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like going back 4 years. No limp, playing with her toys, out the back all morning chasing lizards. This afternoon we went to the park where she ran then had a reasonable length walk. Still no limp and no hiding tonight. It is like a miracle and can only presume and hope she will remain the same or even better as time goes on. Thank you Black Sheep Farms.

  19. SariBeaumont (verified owner)

    This product has definitely helped me with body aches and pains, as well as helping me with anxiety – no longer on any anti depressants. Thanks so much – I’m about to order more.

  20. Jason (verified owner)

    Not one to write reviews (when asked) but on this occasion it’s s warranted, I carry a number of injuries due to the work I used to do and as such have had chronic pain issues for a while, requiring the use on pain med’s. as well Other illnesses associated with chronic pain. Since using this product I have reduced my need for pain med’s by 3/4 and have been able to stop completely some of the other medications. As with most things this is a tool to help, if you implement this product and other life style factors to give it the best chance to show results, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s easy to take due to the taste which is very nice. Enjoy and we’ll done to Black Sheep.

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